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For use in the Page: namespace. In Page: and Index: namespaces no effect, while in other namespaces provides a link to the subpage, or subpage#anchor (if #anchor provided) of the current page in the main namespace. For similar functionality but without the use of subpages, see {{namespace link 2}}.

{{namespace link|text on page to link|subpage name|title of work}}
{{namespace link|text=text on page to link|subpage=subpage name (main namespace)
|work=title of work (main namespace)}}


With the use of the template, if the links are internal to the transcluded work itself, and relative to pages, then relative links can be used to refer to a work, rather than the requirement for name of the work ie.| work=..  

See also

  • {{Double link}}: for links in the Page: namespace that vary when in the Page: Index: or mainspace
  • {{Scan page link}}: for auto-offset page links in the Page: namespace, that vary when in Page: Index: or mainspace
  • {{TOC link}}: for table of contents page links in the Page: namesapce, that vary when in Page: Index: or mainspace
  • {{Namespace detect}}: general purpose template for any content that varies between namespaces