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Semantically-meaningful rule for section/chapter ends. Designed to allow easy per-index targetting with CSS.

The classes .wst-section-end-rule and .wst-rule are always applied.

  • 1 class suffix (optional). If given, the class .wst-section-end-rule-{{{1}}} is added. If you only have one kind of section end rule in a work, you do not need this.
  • class additional free-form class string (optional, rarely needed)

There is deliberately no manual styling. If you need this, use {{rule}} or a dedicated template.


In this example, all {{ser}}'s are formatted with top/bottom margins and a 5em width. Rules with the red suffix are additionally given a red color.


.wst-section-end-rule {
   width: 5em;
   margin: 3em auto;
.wst-section-end-rule-red {
   background-color: red;




See also[edit]

  • {{rule}} for "direct-formatted" rules.