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Error: No title passed to {{Short-title}}

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Template for generating short-title links and entries, in relation to English (and Commonwealth) style legislation.


s - Actual short title

c - Chapter number detail for display text

y - Calendar Year (number) (optional as some early laws don't have a year)

the - include text "The" (yes | no)

link - Generate internal wikilink of "{{{Short-title}}} {{{Year}}}" style (yes|no)

a - anchor - Link to specfic point in legislation mentioned.

comma - Adds comma between name and year (yes|no)

sn - Side note style to add Regnal Monarch, Chapter sidenotes. (Currently defined, none | left | right | sn)

chapter - Chapter for sidenote text.

regnal - used with style none, to determine format.(yes | no)

r - regnal year for sidenote text. (Note that for after the 1960s this will be a calendar year)

m - Monarch. (optional)

Sidenotes styles are...:

none - Generates text directly if regnal=yes used; generates example form "2 Wales c.3"

left - Sidenote on left hand-side; text is of example form "2 Wales c.3"

right - Sidenote on right-hand side; text is of example form

"2 Wales c.3"