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This needs a complete overhaul and possibly a port to LUA, Do not use this on new works at the present time!

Creates an entry for the Chronological Table in Chronological Table and Index of the Statutes.


{{statute table 
 | Type = The type of entry required - By default a 'short' entry consisting of Chapter, Subject, Repeal is generated.
 | Chapter = Year, statute, and chapter
 | Subject = Subject-matter
 | Subject-Rowspan = Number of subsquent entries the subject also applies to.
 | Repeal = How repealed or otherwise determined wholly or in part, specfiy Repeal=empty if the repeal is not the first entry
in a group of entries, on which Repeal-rowspan is specfied for the first entry of the group.
 | Repeal-rowspan  = Nunber of subsequent entries the Repeal also applies to.
 | Gap   =  Gap insertion for chapter numbers - Leave undefined for automatic {{tl|Gap}} insertion.
 | Long title  =  Full title(s) of the measure, if known.
 | Short title = Short title if known
 | Notes = Addtional notes , such as extemt, clarfications, links to external archives, &c.

For an explanation of 'short' and 'long' titles see Short title and Long title respectively.


  • Chapter:
  • Subject:
  • Repeal:
  • Repeal-rowspan:
  • Gap:
  • Short title:
  • 'Long title:
  • Notes:


{{statute table |Chapter=3.|Subject=Redisseisin|Repeal=Rep. as to E., Stat. Law Rev. Act, 1863.}}
c. 3.   Redisseisin   Rep. as to E., Stat. Law Rev. Act, 1863.

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