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Template:Wikidata property link displays a link to Wikidata property.

Usage examples[edit]

Standard usage
{{Wikidata property link|123}}publisher (P123)
{{Wikidata property link|P123}}publisher (P123)
Leading/trailing whitespace
{{Wikidata property link | 123 }}publisher (P123)
{{Wikidata property link | P123 }}publisher (P123)
id = n(one)
{{Wikidata property link|123|id=n}}publisher
{{Wikidata property link|P123|id=none}}publisher
id = o(nly)
{{Wikidata property link|123|id=o}}P123
{{Wikidata property link|P123|id=only}}P123
id = f(irst)
{{Wikidata property link|123|id=f}}P123: publisher
{{Wikidata property link|P123|id=first}}P123: publisher
Template shortcuts
{{prop|123}}publisher (P123)
{{property|P123}}publisher (P123)
{{wpl|123}}publisher (P123)
{{WPL|P123}}publisher (P123)

Supporting template and module[edit]

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