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Title 1 Code And Statutes[edit]

Chapter 1 Code Commission
Chapter 2 Enactment of Code
Chapter 3 Construction of Statutes

Title 2 Elections[edit]

Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 2 Voter Registration
Chapter 3 Place and Time of Elections
Chapter 4 Election Officials
Chapter 5 Ballots and Supplies
Chapter 6 Absentee Voting
Chapter 7 Procedure at the Polling Place
Chapter 8 Determination of Results
Chapter 9 Voting Machines
Chapter 10 Campaign Finances
Chapter 11 State Election Commission
Chapter 12 County Election Commissions
Chapter 13 Political Parties and Primaries
Chapter 14 Special Elections
Chapter 15 Presidential Elections
Chapter 16 Members of Congress
Chapter 17 Contested Elections
Chapter 18 Contested Election of Governor
Chapter 19 Prohibited Practices
Chapter 20 Tennessee Voter Confidence Act

Title 3 Legislature[edit]

Chapter 1 General Assembly
Chapter 2 Bills, Resolutions, and Orders
Chapter 3 Committee Investigations
Chapter 4 Miscellaneous Committee Provisions
Chapter 5 [Reserved]
Chapter 6 Ethics and Lobbying
Chapter 7 Fiscal Review Committee
Chapter 8 [Reserved]
Chapter 9 Pensions and Insurance
Chapter 10 Joint Legislative Services Committee
Chapter 11 Office of Legislative Services
Chapter 12 Office of Legal Services
Chapter 13 Offices of Legislative Administration
Chapter 14 Office of Evaluation and Analysis
Chapter 15 Select Joint Committees
Chapter 16 Office of Legislative Information Systems
Chapter 17 Tennessee Charitable Gaming Implementation Law

Title 4 State Government[edit]

Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 2 Boundaries
Chapter 3 Creation, Organization and Powers of Administrative Departments and Divisions
Chapter 4 Administration of State Departments
Chapter 5 Uniform Administrative Procedures Act
Chapter 6 Department of Correction -- Administration of Institutions
Chapter 7 Highway Patrol
Chapter 8 State Capitol and Annexes
Chapter 9 Commission for Uniform Legislation
Chapter 10 Commission on Intergovernmental Relations
Chapter 11 Historian and Historical Commission
Chapter 12 State Museum
Chapter 13 Historic Properties
Chapter 14 Industrial Development
Chapter 15 State Building Commission
Chapter 16 Office of Local Government
Chapter 17 Economic Development and Growth
Chapter 18 False Claims Act
Chapter 19 State Examining Boards--General Provisions
Chapter 20 Art
Chapter 21 Human Rights
Chapter 22 State Owned Motor Vehicle Fleets
Chapter 23 Executive Residence Preservation
Chapter 24 Firefighting Training and Standards
Chapter 25 Paperwork Reduction and Simplification Act of 1976
Chapter 26 Business Enterprise Office
Chapter 27 Employee Suggestion Award and Incentive Plans
Chapter 28 Tennessee Small Business Investment Company Credit Act
Chapter 29 Tennessee Governmental Entity Review Law
Chapter 30 Local Government Electronic Technology Act of 2009
Chapter 31 Tennessee Local Development Authority Act
Chapter 32 Institute for Labor-Management Studies
Chapter 33 Tennessee Economic Impact Disclosure Law of 1979
Chapter 34 Native American Indians
Chapter 35 State of Tennessee Audit Committee Act of 2005
Chapter 36 Racing Control Act of 1987
Chapter 37 Child Care Facilities Loan Guarantee Program
Chapter 38 Refugee Absorptive Capacity Act
Chapter 39 [Reserved]
Chapter 40 Physical Fitness and Health
Chapters 41, 42 [Reserved]
Chapter 43 Office of State Geographer
Chapter 44 Tennessee Bicentennial [Obsolete]
Chapters 45, 46 [Reserved]
Chapter 47 Passenger Railroad Commission
Chapter 48 Tennessee Commission on Holocaust Education
Chapter 49 [Reserved]
Chapter 50 Economic Council on Women
Chapter 51 Tennessee Education Lottery Implementation Law
Chapter 52 Governor's Books from Birth Fund
Chapter 53 [Reserved]
Chapter 54 Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act
Chapter 55 Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance
Chapter 56 Procurement [Varied Effective Dates.]

Title 5 Counties[edit]

Title 6 Cities And Towns[edit]

Title 7 Consolidated Governments[edit]

Title 8 Public Officers And Employees[edit]

Title 9 Public Finances[edit]

Title 10 Public Libraries, Archives And Records[edit]

Title 11 Natural Areas And Recreation[edit]

Title 12 Public Property, Printing And Contracts[edit]

Title 13 Public Planning And Housing[edit]

Title 14 Public Welfare [Transferred to Title 71][edit]

Title 15 Holidays[edit]

Title 16 Courts[edit]

Title 17 Judges And Chancellors[edit]

Title 18 Clerks Of Courts[edit]

Title 19 Civil Procedure In General Sessions Courts[edit]

Title 20 Civil Procedure[edit]

Title 21 Proceedings In Chancery[edit]

Title 22 Juries And Jurors[edit]

Title 23 Attorneys-at-law[edit]

Title 24 Evidence And Witnesses[edit]

Title 25 Judgments[edit]

Title 26 Execution[edit]

Title 27 Appeal And Review[edit]

Title 28 Limitation Of Actions[edit]

Title 29 Remedies And Special Proceedings[edit]

Title 30 Administration of Estates[edit]

Title 31 Descent And Distribution[edit]

Title 32 Wills[edit]

Title 33 Mental Health and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities[edit]

Title 34 Guardianship[edit]

Title 35 Fiduciaries And Trust Estates[edit]

Title 36 Domestic Relations[edit]

Title 37 Juveniles[edit]

Title 38 Prevention And Detection Of Crime[edit]

Title 39 Criminal Offenses[edit]

Title 40 Criminal Procedure[edit]

Title 41 Correctional Institutions And Inmates[edit]

Title 42 Aeronautics[edit]

Title 43 Agriculture And Horticulture[edit]

Title 44 Animals And Animal Husbandry[edit]

Title 45 Banks And Financial Institutions[edit]

Title 46 Cemeteries[edit]

Title 47 Commercial Instruments And Transactions[edit]

Title 48 Corporations And Associations[edit]

Title 49 Education[edit]

Title 50 Employer And Employee[edit]

Titles 51, 52 [RESERVED][edit]

Title 53 Food, Drugs And Cosmetics[edit]

Title 54 Highways, Bridges And Ferries[edit]

Title 55 Motor and Other Vehicles[edit]

Title 56 Insurance[edit]

Title 57 Intoxicating Liquors[edit]

Title 58 Military Affairs, Emergencies and Civil Defense[edit]

Title 59 Mines And Mining[edit]

Title 60 Oil And Gas[edit]

Title 61 Partnerships[edit]

Title 62 Professions, Businesses and Trades[edit]

Title 63 Professions Of The Healing Arts[edit]

Chapter 1 Division of Health Related Boards
Chapter 2 Medical Records
Chapter 3 Podiatrists
Chapter 4 Chiropractors
Chapter 5 Dentists
Chapter 6 Medicine and Surgery
Chapter 7 Nursing
Chapter 8 Optometry Law
Chapter 9 Osteopathic Physicians
Chapter 10 Pharmacy
Chapter 11 Psychologists
Chapter 12 Tennessee Veterinary Practice Act of 1967
Chapter 13 Occupational and Physical Therapy Practice Act
Chapter 14 Dispensing Opticians
Chapter 15 Hearing Aid Dispensers [Repealed]
Chapter 16 Nursing Home Administrators
Chapter 17 Licensure Act for Communication Disorders and Sciences
Chapter 18 Massage Licensure Act of 1995
Chapter 19 Physician Assistants
Chapter 20 Social Workers [Repealed]
Chapter 21 Occupational Therapy [Repealed]
Chapter 22 Professional Counselors, Marital and Family Therapists, and Clinical Pastoral Therapists
Chapter 23 Social Workers
Chapter 24 Athletic Trainers
Chapter 25 Dietetics/Nutrition Practice Act
Chapter 26 Electrologists Practice Act
Chapter 27 Respiratory Care Practitioner Act
Chapter 28 Clinical Perfusionist Licensure Act
Chapter 29 Midwifery
Chapter 30 Reflexology Practitioners Registration Act of 2001
Chapter 31 Polysomnography
Chapters 32-50 [Reserved]
Chapter 51 Health Care Consumer Right-to-Know Act of 1998

Title 64 Regional Authorities[edit]

Title 65 Public Utilities And Carriers[edit]

Title 66 Property[edit]

Title 67 Taxes And Licenses[edit]

Title 68 Health, Safety and Environmental Protection[edit]

Title 69 Waters, Waterways, Drains And Levees[edit]

Title 70 Wildlife Resources[edit]

Title 71 Welfare[edit]