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AGARDH. I. Karl Adolf, a Swedish naturalist, born at Bastad, Jan. 22, 1785, died in Carlstad, Jan. 28, 1859. In 1807 he was appointed teacher of mathematics in the university of Lund, and in 1812 professor of botany and natural sciences. He was admitted to holy orders in 1816, and was made bishop of Carlstad in 1834. He devoted considerable attention to political economy, and also wrote on theological and other subjects, but his reputation chiefly rests on his botanical works, especially Systema, Species, and Icones Algarum (1824, 1820-'28, and 1828-'35). The greatest part of his “Manual of Botany” (2 vols., Malmoe, 1829-'32) has been translated into German. II. Jacob Georg, son of the preceding, born at Lund in 1813, has been since 1854 professor of botany there. His principal work, Species, Genera et Ordines Algarum (4 vols., Lund, 1848-'63), is regarded as a standard authority.