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Edition of 1879. See also Kristiansund on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

CHRISTIANSUND, a seaport town of Norway, in the province and 85 m. S. W. of Drontheim, on the North sea, at the mouth of the Thingve fiord; lat. 63° 10′ N.; pop. in 1866, 5,709. It is built upon three islands, Kirkland, Nordland, and Inland, which enclose a singularly pretty harbor, in form almost circular. The view of the town is completely shut off on the seaward side. The houses, uniformly red and of wood, are grouped together in picturesque disorder. The place is thriving, the trade being chiefly in cured fish (cod), which is exported hence to Spain and the Mediterranean, also to the West Indies. It was founded in 1734 by Christian VI. of Denmark.