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HEBEL, Johann Peter, a German poet, born Basel, May 11, 1760, died at Schwetzingen, Sept. 22, 1826. He studied at Erlangen, and in 1791 was appointed professor in the gymnasium of Carlsruhe. He became in 1805 church counsellor, and in 1819 prelate. His works include Allemannische Gedichte, written in a Swabian sub-dialect (11th ed., Aarau, 1860), of which there are five High German translations; Die biblischen Geschichten (2 vols., 2d ed., Stuttgart, 1824); Der rheinländische Hausfreund (3d ed., 1827); and Schatzkästlein des rheinischen Hausfreundes (last ed., 1850). His complete works were issued in 8 vols. in 1832-'4; new edition, 1871 et seq.