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The Annotated 'Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes' is a Wikisource community annotation project. Please help to make the worlds best, and free, annotated version of this classic Stevenson travel tale. This page is for technical aspects of annotating on Wikisource.


  1. Commentaries of passages (footnotes). This is the primary goal of the project, and focus of further expansion.
  2. Wikilink (to Wiktionary or Wikipedia) all words and phrases that are relevant and/or possibly need further explanation using the conventions below. This part of the project is mostly complete.


Conventions used in this project.

  • Footnotes/Commentaries

Commentaries are at the heart of the annotations and offer unlimited expansion. Footnotes follow Wikimedia rules about NPOV, verifiability and no original content.

  • Wikilinks

It is the philosophy of this project that a few wikilinks links are good, too many are bad. Wiktionary links should be for words that are archaic 19th century and which are rarely used or recognized today; or for proper nouns and names that have Wikipedia articles which are of contextual relevance to the text. In essence, the links should guide and focus the reader to the main themes of the story, not irrelevant tangents that may distract. It is the assumption that the reader has an advanced vocabulary and does not need to know the definitions of commonly used and known words.

If Wiktionary does not have an entry for the word in question, please consider adding one (with the text from this story as the example!), it just takes a minute to lookup a definition elsewhere on the web and help Wiktionary grow. If the definition is on Wiktionary, but there are multiple definitions and it is not clear which is the right one, add a footnote to clarify. If there is a Wiktionary and a Wikipedia entry, favour the Wikipedia entry.

  • Inter-wikilinks are created as follows:
  • Wikipedia: [[:w:Robert Louis Stevenson|Robert Louis Stevenson]] -- will link to the Encylopedia article on Robert Louis Stevenson.
  • Wiktionary: [[:wikt:bonnie|bonnie]] -- will link to the Dictionary article on "Bonnie".
  • Example: This is text<ref>This is a footnote</ref>.
  • Spelling

Spelling in the source text should not be changed. 19th c English prose has lots of spelling "mistakes" for the modern reader (and computer spell checker); however they should not be "fixed", we want to preserve the originality of the work, spelling and all.

  • Currency conversion

For currency conversion from 19th to 21st century equivs see [1]


If you wish to list yourself as a participant please feel free, but anyone may contribute to the project at any time without being listed here.

  • Stbalbach March, 2006. Stevenson is one of my favorite authors and this is my second annotation project, and second by Stevenson. As far as I know, there is nothing with this level of annotation in existence for this particular work, online or off.


The Annotated 'Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes' - Introduction