The Autobiography of a Flea/Chapter 11

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No sooner was the struggle over, and the victorious, rising from the quivering body of the girl, began to recover himself from the ecstasy into which so delicious an encounter had thrown him, than suddenly the curtain was slid on one side, and Bella herself appeared in the opening.

If a cannon-shot had suddenly passed close to the astonished Mr. Delmont, it could not have occasioned him one half the consternation which he felt, as hardly believing his own eyes, he stood, open-mouthed, alternately regarding the prostate body of his victim, and the apparition of her he supposed he had so recently enjoyed.

Bella, whose charming " negligee " set off to perfection her young beauties, affected to appear equally stupefied, but apparently recovering herself, she drew back a step, with a well-acted expression of alarm.

" What—what is all this? " inquired Mr. Delmont, whose agitation had prevented him from remembering that he had not as yet even readjusted his clothes, and that a very important instrument in the gratification of his late sensual impulse hung, still swollen and slippery, fully exposed between his legs.

" Heavens! that I should have made such a dreadful mistake, " cried Bella, hiding her furtive glances this inviting exhibition.

" Tell me, for pity's sake, what mistake, and who then, is this? " exclaimed the trembling ravisher pointing, as he spoke, to the recumbent nudity before him.

" Oh, come—come away, " cried Bella, hastily moving towards the door, and followed by Mr. Delmont, all anxiety for an explanation of the mystery.

Bella led the way into an adjoining boudoir, and closing the door firmly, she threw herself upon a luxuriously disposed couch, so as to exhibit freely her beauties, while she pretended to be too overwhelmed with her horror to notice the indelicacy of her pose.

" Oh! what have I done! what have I done! " she sobbed, hiding her face in her hands in apparent anguish.

A horrible suspicion flashed across the mind of her companion; he gasped out, half choking with emotion. — " Speak—who is that—who? "

" It was not my fault—I could not know that it was you they had brought here for me, and—and—not knowing better—I substituted Julia.

Mr. Delmont staggered back—a confused sense of some-thing dreadful broke upon him—a distress obstructed his vision, and then gradually he awake to the full sense of the reality. Before, however, he could utter a word, Bella, well instructed as to the direction his ideas would take, hastened to prevent him tune to think.

" Hush! she knows nothing of it—it has been a mistake—a dreadful mistake, and nothing more. If you are disappointed, it has been my fault—not yours; you know I never thought for a moment it was to have been you. I think, " she added, with a pretty pout, and a significant side-glance at the still protruding member, " it was very unkind of them not to have told me it was to have been you. "

Mr. Delmont saw the beautiful girl before him; he could not but admit to himself that, whatever pleasures might have been his hi the involuntary incest in which he had been a party, they had, nevertheless, failed of his original intention, and lost something for which he had paid so dearly.

" Oh, if they should find out what I have done, " murmured Bella, changing a little her position, and exposing a portion of one leg above the knee.

Mr. Delmont's eyes glittered in spite of himself his calmness returned, his animal passions were asserting themselves.

" If they should find me out, " again sighed Bella, and with that she half rose and threw her beautiful arms round the neck of the deluded parent.

Mr. Delmont pressed her in a close embrace.

" Oh, my goodness, what is this? " whispered Bella, whose little hand had seized the slimy weapon of her companion, and was now engaged in squeezing and moulding it in her warm grasp.

The wretched man felt all her touches, all her charms, and, once more rampant with lust, sought no better fate than to revel in her young virginity.

" If I must yield, " said Bella, " be gentle with me; oh! how you touch me! Oh! take away your hand. Oh! heavens! What do you do? "

Bella had only time to catch a glimpse of his red-headed member, stiffer and more swollen than ever, and the next moment he was upon her.

Bella made no resistance, and fired by her loveliness, Mr. Delmont quickly found the exact spot, and taking advantage of her inviting position, pushed with fury his already lubricated penis into her young and tender parts.

Bella groaned.

Further and further inwards went his hot dart, until their bellies met together, and he was up her body to his balls.

Then commenced a rapid and delicious encounter, in which Bella did her part to perfection, and roused by this new instrument of pleasure, went off in a torrent of delight.

Mr. Delmont quickly followed her example, and shot into Bella a copious flood of his prolific sperm.

For several moments both lay without motion, bathed in the exudation of their mutual raptures, and panting with their efforts, until a slight noise made itself heard, and before either had attempted to withdraw, or change from the very unequivocal position they occupied, the door of the boudoir opened, and three persons made their appearance almost simultaneously.

These were Father Ambrose, Mr. Verbouc, and the gentle Julia Delmont.

The two men appeared bearing between them the half-conscious figure of the young girl, whose head, languidly falling on one side, lay on the shoulders of the robust priest, while Verbouc, no less favoured by his proximity, supported her slender form with her nervous arm, and gazed in her face with a look of unsatisfied lust, such as only a devil incarnate could have equalled. Both men were in a state of hardly decent dishabille, and the unfortunate little Julia was as naked as when, scarcely a quarter of an hour before, she had been violently ravished by her own father.

" Hush! " whispered Bella, putting her hand upon the lips of her amorous companion, " for God's sake, do not criminate yourself. They cannot know who has done it; better suffer all than confess such a dreadful fact. They are merciless—beware, how you thwart them. "

Mr. Delmont instantly saw the truth of Bella's prediction.

" See, thou man of lust, " exclaimed the pious Ambrose, " behold the state in which we found this dear child, " and placing his big hand upon the beautiful unfledged " motte " of the young Julia, he wantonly exhibited his fingers, reeking with the paternal discharge to the others.

" Horrible, " observed Verbouc, " and if she should be found with child! "

" Abominable, " cried Father Ambrose. " We must, of course, prevent that. "

Delmont groaned.

Meanwhile Ambrose and his coadjutor led their beautiful young victim into the apartment, and commenced to cover her with those preliminary touches and lascivious pawings which precede the unbridled indulgence in luxurious possession. Julia, half awake from the effects of the sedative they had given her, and wholly confounded by the proceedings of the virtuous pair, appeared barely conscious of the presence of her parent, while that worthy, held in position by the white arms of Bella, still lay soaking on her soft white belly.

" The spunk running down her legs, " exclaimed Verbouc, eagerly inserting his hand between Julia's thighs; " how shocking! "

" It is even reached her pretty little feet, " observed Ambrose, raising one of her rounded legs, under pretence of making an examination of the delicate kid-boot, upon which he had truly observed more than one gout of seminal fluid, while, with a glance of fire, he eagerly explored the rosy chink thus exposed to view.

Delmont groaned again.

" Oh, good Lord, what a beauty! " cried Verbouc, smacking the rounded buttocks. " Ambrose, proceed to prevent any consequences from so unusual a circumstance. Nothing less than a second emission from another and vigorous man can render such a thing positively safe. "

" Yes, she must have it—that is certain. " muttered Ambrose, whose state during all this time may be better imagined than described.

His cassock stuck out in front—his whole manner betrayed his violent emotions. Ambrose lifted his frock, and gave liberty to his enormous member, the ruby and inflamed head of which seemed to menace the skies.

Julia, horribly frightened, made a feeble movement to escape. Verbouc, delighted, held her in full view.

Julia beheld for the second time, the fiercely erected member of her Confessor, and knowing his intention from the previous initiation she had passed through, half fainted with trembling fear.

Ambrose, as if to outrage the feelings of both, father and daughter, exposed fully his huge genitals and wagged his gigantic penis in their faces.

Delmont, overcome with terror, and finding himself in the hands of the two conspirators, held his breath and cowered by the side of Bella, who, delighted beyond measure by the success of the scheme, kept counselling him to remain neutral and let them have their will.

Verbouc, who had been fingering the moistened parts of the little Julia, now yielded her to the furious lust of his friend, and prepared himself for his favourite pastime of watching her violation.

The Priest, beside himself with lubricity, divested himself of his nether garments, and his member, standing grimly all the while, proceeded to the delicious task which awaited him. "

She is mine at last, " he murmured.

Ambrose immediately seized his prey; he passed his arms around her, and lifted her from the ground; he bore the trembling Julia to an adjoining sofa, and threw himself upon her naked body; he endeavoured with all his might to accomplish his enjoyment. His monstrous weapon, hard as iron, battered at the little pink slit, which although already lubricated with the semen she had received from Mr. Delmont, was no easy sheath for the gigantic penis which threatened her.

Ambrose continued his efforts. Mr. Delmont could only see a heaving mass of black silk, as the robust figure of the priest writhed upon the form of his little daughter. Too experienced to be long held in check, however. Ambrose felt himself gaining ground, and too much master of himself to allow the pleasure to overtake him too soon, he now bore down all opposition, and a loud shriek from Julia announced the penetration of the huge rammer.

Cry after cry succeeded, until Ambrose, at length firmly buried in the belly of the young girl, felt he could go no further, and commenced those delicious pumping movements, which were to end at the same moment his pleasure and the torture of his victim.

Meanwhile Verbouc, whose lustful emotions had been intensity excited by the scene between Mr. Delmont and Julia, and subsequently by that between the foolish man and his niece, now rushed towards Bella, and releasing her from the relaxing embrace of his unfortunate friend, at once opened her legs, regarded for a moment her reeking orifice, and then at one bound buried himself in an agony of pleasure in her belly, well anointed by the abundance of spunk which had been already discharged there. The two couples now performed their delicious copulation in silence, save for the groans which came from the half-murdered Julia, the stentorous breathing of the fierce Ambrose, or the grunts and sobs of Mr. Verbouc. Faster and more delicious grew the race, Ambrose, having forced his gigantic penis up to the curling mass of black hair which covered its root into the tight slit of the young girl, became perfectly livid with lust. He pushed, he drove, he tore open with the force of a bull; and had not nature at length asserted herself in his favour by bringing his ecstasy to a climax, he must have succumbed to his excitement in an attack which would probably have for ever prevented a repetition of such a scene.

A loud cry came from Ambrose. Verbouc well knew its import, he was discharging. His rapture served to quicken his own. A howl of passionate lust arose within the chamber as the two monsters loaded their victims with their seminal outpourings. Not once, but three times did the Priest shoot his prolific essence into the very womb of the tender girl, before he assuaged his raging fever of desire.

As it was, to say that Ambrose simply discharged would give but a faint idea of the fact. He positively spurted his semen into the little Julia in thick and powerful jets, uttering all the while groans of ecstasy, as each hot and slippery injection rushed along his huge urethra and flew in torrents into the stretched receptacle. It was some minutes ere all was over, and the brutal Priest arose from his torn and bleeding victim.

At the same time Mr. Verbouc left exposed the opened thighs and besmeared slit of his niece, who lying still in the dreamy trance which follows the fierce delight, took no heed of the thick exuding drops which formed a white pool upon the floor between her well-stockinged legs.

" Ah, how delicious, " exclaimed Verbouc, " you see, there is pleasure after all in the path of duty, Delmont, is there not? " turning to that dumbfounded individual. " If Father Ambrose and myself had not mixed our humble offerings with that prolific essence of which you seem to have made such good use, there is no knowing what mischief might have ensued. Oh, yes, nothing like doing the thing which is right, eh, Delmont? "

" I don't know. I fell ill; I am in a kind of dream, yet I am not insensible of sensations which cause me renewed delight. I cannot doubt your friendship—your secrecy. I have much enjoyed, I am still excited, I know not what I want? —Say, my friends. "

Father Ambrose approached, and laying his big hand on the shoulder of the poor man, he encouraged him with a few whispered words of comfort.

As a Flea I am not at liberty to mention what these were, but their effect was to dissipate in a great measure the cloud of horror which oppressed Mr. Delmont. He sat down and gradually grew more calm.

Julia also had now recovered, and seated on each side of the burly priest, the two young girls ere long felt comparatively at ease. The Holy Father spoke to them like a father and he drew Mr. Delmont from his reserve, and that worthy having copiously refreshed himself with a considerable libation of rich wine, began to evince evident pleasure in the society in which he found himself.

Soon the invigorating effects of the wine began to tell upon Mr. Delmont. He cast wistful and envious glances towards his daughter. His excitement was evident, and showed itself in the bulging of his garments.

Ambrose perceived his desire and encouraged it. He led him to Julia, who, still naked, had no means of concealing her charms. The parent looked on all with an eye in which lust predominated. A second time would not be so very much more sinful, he thought.

Ambrose nodded his encouragement. Bella unbuttoned his nether garment, and taking his stiff prick in her hand, squeezed it softly.

Mr. Delmont understood the position, and the next moment was upon his child. Bella guided the incestuous member to the soft red lips; a few pushes and the half-maddened father was fully entered in the belly of his pretty child.

The struggle that followed was intensified by the circumstances of his horrible connection. After a fierce and rapid course, Mr. Delmont discharged and his daughter received in the utmost recesses of her young womb the guilty spendings of her unnatural parent.

Father Ambrose, whose sensual character thoroughly predominated, owned one other weakness, and that was preaching; he would preach by the hour together, not so much on religions subjects as on others much more mundane, and certainly not usually sanctioned by Holy Mother Church.

On this occasion he delivered discourse which I found it impossible to follow, and went to sleep in Bella's armpit until he had done.

How far in the future this consummation would have been, I know not, but the gentle Bella, having obtained a hold of his great lolling affair in her little white hand, so pressed and tickled it that the good man was feign to pause by reason of the sensation she produced.

Mr. Verbouc also, who, it will be remembered coveted nothing so much as a buttered bun, knew only too well how splendidly buttered were the delicious little parts of the newly-converted Julia. The presence of the father also—worse than helpless to prevent the utmost enjoyment of his child by these two libidinous men, served to whet his appetite while Bella, who felt the slime oozing from her warm slit, who also conscious of certain, longings which her previous encounters had not appeased.

Verbouc commenced again to visit with his lascivious touches the sweet and childish charms of Julia, impudently moulding her round buttocks and slipping his fingers be-tween their rounded hillocks.

Father Ambrose, not less active, had got his arm round Bella's waist, and putting her half-nude form close to him, he sucked licentious kisses from her pretty lips.

As the two men continued these toyings, their desires proportionately advanced until their weapons, red and in-flamed by previous enjoyments, stood firmly in the air, and stiffly menaced the young creatures in their power.

Ambrose, whose lust never wanted much incentive, quickly possessed himself of Bella, who, nothing loth, let him press her down upon the sofa which had witnessed already two encounters, and still further exciting his skinned and flaming pego, the daring girl let it enter between her white thighs, and favouring the disproportionate attack as much as she could, she received its whole terrible build in her moistened slit.

This sight so worked upon the feelings of Mr. Delmont, that he evidently needed small encouragement to attempt a second " coup " when the Priest had done.

Mr. Verbouc, who had for some time been throwing lascivious glances towards Mr. Delmont's young daughter, now found himself once more in condition to enjoy. He reflected that the repeated violation she had already experienced at the hands of her father and the Priest had fitted her for the part he loved to play, and he knew, both by touch and sight, that her parts were sufficiently oiled by the violent discharges she had received to gratify his dearest whim.

Verbouc gave a glance towards the Priest, who was now engaged in the delicious enjoyment of his niece, and then closing upon the beautiful Julia, he in his turn, succeeded in reversing her upon a couch and with considerable effort thrust his stout member to the balls in her delicate body.

This new and intensified enjoyment brought Verbouc to the verge of madness; he pressed himself into the tight and glovelike slit of the young girl, and throbbed all over with delight.

" Oh, she is heaven itself! " he murmured, pressing in his big member to the balls, which were gathered up tightly below. " Good Lord, what tightness—what slippery pleasure—ugh! " and another determined thrust made poor Julia groan again.

Meanwhile Father Ambrose, with eyes half shut, lips parted, and nostrils dilated, was battering the beautiful parts of the young Bella, whose sensual gratification became evident in her sobs of pleasure.

" Oh! my goodness! You are—you are too big—enormous! Your great thing. Oh! it's up to my waist. Oh, oh! it's too much; not so hard—dear Father—how you push! —you will kill me. Ah! gently—go slower—I feel your great balls at my bottom. "

" Stop a moment, " cried Ambrose, whose pleasure had become insupportable, and whose spunk was nearly pro-voked to rush out of him. " Let us pause, Shall I change with you, my friend? The idea is lovely. "

" No, oh, no! I cannot move, I can only go on—this dear child is perfect enjoyment. "

" Be still, Bella, dear child, or you will make me spend.

Don't squeeze my weapon so rapturously. "

" I cannot help it—you kill me with pleasure. Oh! go on, but gently. Oh, not so hard! Don't push so fiercely.

Heavens! he's going to spend. His eyes close, his lips open. My God! you kill me—you slit me up with that big thing. Ah! oh! come then! spend, dear—Father—Ambrose.

Give me the burning spunk. Oh! push now—harder—harder— kill me, if you like. "

Bella threw her white arms round his brawny neck, opened wide her soft and beautiful thighs, and took in his huge instrument, until his hairy belly rubbed on her downy mount.

Ambrose felt himself about to go off in rapturous emission right into the body of the girl under him.

Push—push now! " cried Bella, regardless of all modesty, and giving down her own discharge in spasms of pleasure.

" Push—push—drive it up me. Oh, yes, like that. Ah, God, what a size! What a length—you slit me, brute that you are.

Oh, oh! oh! You are off—I feel it. Oh, God—what spunk! Oh, what gushes! "

Ambrose discharged furiously, like the stallion that he was, thrusting with all his might into the warm belly below.

He then reluctantly withdrew, and Bella, released from his clutches, turned to regard the other pair. Her uncle was administering a shower of short thrusts at her little friend, and it was evident a climax must soon be put to his enjoyment.

Meanwhile Julia, whose recent violation and subsequent hard treatment by the brutal Ambrose had sadly hurt and enfeebled, had not the slightest pleasure, but lay a unresisting and inert mass in the arms of her ravisher.

When therefore, after a few more pushes, Verbouc fell forward in a voluptuous discharge, she was only aware that something warm and wet was being rapidly injected into her, without experiencing any other sensations than languor and fatigue.

Another pause followed this third outrage, during which Mr. Delmont subsided into a coma and appeared to be dozing. A thousand pleasantries now took place. Ambrose, while reclining upon the couch, made Bella stride over him, and applying his lips to her reeking slit, luxuriated in kisses and touches the most lascivious and depraved.

Mr. Verbouc, not to be behindhand with his companion, played off several equally libidinous inventions upon the innocent Julia.

The two then laid flat upon a couch, and felt all her beauties over, lingering with admiration upon her yet unfledged " motte, " and the red lips of her young cunt.

After a time the desires of both were seconded by the outward and visible signs of two standing members, eager again for a taste of pleasures so ecstatic and select.

A new programme was now, however, to be inaugurated.

Ambrose was the first to propose it. " We have had enough of their cunts, " said he, coarsely, turning to Verbouc, who had passed over to Bella, and was playing with her nipples.

" Let us try what their bottoms are made of. This lovely little creature would be a treat for the Pope himself, and ought to have buttocks of velvet and a " derriere " fit for an Emperor to spend into. "

The idea was instantly seized upon, and the victims secured. It was abominable, it was monstrous, it was apparently impossible, when viewed in all its disproportionate character. The enormous member of the Priest was presented to the small aperture of Julia's posterior—that of Verbouc threatened his niece in the same direction. A quarter of an hour was consumed in the preliminaries and after a frightful scene of lust and lechery, the two girls received in their bowels the burning jets of these impious discharges.

At length a calm succeeded to the violent emotions which had overwhelmed the actors in this monstrous scene.

Attention was at length directed to Mr. Delmont.

That worthy, as I have before remarked, was quietly ensconced in a corner, apparently overcome with sleep, or wine, or possibly both.

" How quiet he is, " observed Verbouc.

" An evil conscience is a sad companion, " remarked Father Ambrose, whose attentions were directed to the ablution of his lolling instrument.

" Come, my friend—it is your turn now, here is a treat for you, " continued Verbouc, exhibiting to the edification of all the most secret parts of the almost insensible Julia; " come and enjoy this. —Why, what is the matter with the man? Good heavens, why,—how—what is this? "

Verbouc recoiled a step.

Father Ambrose leant over the form of the wretched Delmont—he felt his heart. " He is dead, " he said, quietly—and so it was.