The Autobiography of a Flea/Chapter 3

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I do not think I ever felt my unfortunate infirmity in the matter of a natural inability to blush more acutely than on the present occasion. But even a flea might have blushed at the wanton sight which thrust itself upon his vision on the occasion I have herein recorded. So young, so apparently innocent a girl, and yet so lewd, so lascivious in her inclinations and desires. A person of infinite freshness and beauty—a mind of flaming sensuality fanned by the accidental course of events into an active volcano of lust.

Well might I have exclaimed with the poet of old: " O Moses! " or with the more practical descendant of the Patriarch: " Holy Moses! "

It is needless to speak of the change which Bella's whole being underwent after such experiences as these I have related. They were manifest and apparent in her carriage and demeanour.

What became of her youthful lover I never knew nor cared to inquire, but I am led to believe that holy Father Ambrose was not insensible to those irregular tastes which are so largely ascribed to his order, and that the youth was led by easy stages to lend " himself, " no less than his young mistress to the gratification of the insensate desires of the priest.

But to return to my own observations so far as they extended to the fair Bella.

Although a Flea cannot blush, we can " observe " and I have taken upon me to commit to pen and ink all those amatory passages in my experiences which I think may interest the seeker after truth. We can write, at least this Flea can, or else these pages would not now be before the reader, and that is enough.

It was several days before Bella found an opportunity of again visiting her clerical admirer, but at length the chance come, and, as might be expected, she quickly availed herself of it.

She had found means to apprise Ambrose of her intention of visiting him, and that astute individual was accordingly ready to receive his pretty guest as before.

Bella no sooner found herself alone with her seducer than she threw herself into his arms, and pressing his huge carcass to her little form, lavished upon him the most tender caresses.

Ambrose was not slow in returning to the full the warmth of her embrace, and thus it happened that the pair found themselves hotly engaged in the exchange of burning kisses, and reclining face to face upon the well-cushioned seat before alluded to.

But Bella was not likely now to be contented with kisses only, she desired more solid fare, which she knew from experience the Father could give her.

Ambrose, on bis part, was no less excited. His blood flowed quickly, his dark eye flamed with unconcealed lust, and his protuberant dress displayed only too plainly the disorder of his senses.

Bella perceived his condition; neither his inflamed looks, nor the evident erection, which he took no trouble to conceal, escaped her—she sought to add to his desires, if possible, not to diminish them.

Soon, however, Ambrose showed her that he required no further incentive, for he deliberately produced his fiercely distended weapon in a state the bare sight of which drove Bella frantic with desire. At any other time Ambrose would have been more prudent of his pleasures than thus early to have proceeded to work with his delicious little conquest. On this occasion, however, his senses ran riot with him; and he was unable to check the overwhelming desire to revel at once and as soon as possible in the juvenile charms thus offered him.

He was already upon her body. His great bulk covered her figure most powerfully and completely. His distended member bore hardly against Bella's stomach, and her clothes were already raised to her waist.

With a trembling hand Ambrose seized the centre chink of his wishes—eagerly he brought the hot and crimson tip towards its moist and opening lips. He pushed, he strove to penetrate—he succeeds; the immense machine slowly but surely enters—already the head and shoulders have disappeared.

A few steady, deliberate thrusts complete the conjunction, and Bella has received the whole length of Ambrose's huge excited member in her body.

The ravisher lay panting upon her bosom in complete possession of her inmost charms.

Bella, into whose little belly the vigorous mass was thus crammed, felt most powerfully the effects of the throbbing and hot intruder.

Meanwhile Ambrose began to thrust up and down. Bella threw her white arms around his neck, and twined her pretty silk clad legs all wantonly above his loins.

" How delicious, " murmured Bella, kissing rapturously his thick lips, " Push me—push up me harder. Oh, how it forces me open—how large it is! How hot—how—oh my—oh! "

And down came a shower from Bella's storehouse, in response to the strong thrusts received, while her head fell back and her mouth opened in the spasms of coition.

The priest restrained himself, he paused an instant, the throbbing of his long member sufficiently announced his condition; he wished to prolong his pleasure to the utmost.

Bella squeezed the terrible shaft in her innermost person, and felt it grow harder and even stiffer while its purple head pressed up to her young womb.

Almost immediately afterwards her unwieldy lover, unable to prolong his pleasure, succumbed to the intensest of keen and all pervading sensation of glutinous fluid.

" Oh, it is coming from you, " cried the excited girl. " I feel it in gushes. Oh! give it me—more—more—-pour it into me—push harder; do not spare me! Oh, another gush! Push—tear me if you like—but let me have all your spunk." I have before spoken of the quantity Father Ambrose possessed the power of discharging, and he now surpassed himself. He had been bottled up for nearly a week, and Bella now received such a tremendous stream of his nature that his discharge more resembled the action of a syringe than the outpouring from the genitals of man.

At last Ambrose dismounted, and Bella on standing once more upon her feet, felt a clinging slippery stream trickling slowly down her plump thighs.

Hardly had the Father withdrawn than the door leading into the church opened, and, behold, two other priests presented themselves within its portal. Concealment was of course impossible.

" Ambrose, " exclaimed the elder of the two, a man apparently between thirty and forty years old, " this is against our rules and privileges, which enact that all such game shall be in common. "

" Take it then, " growled the person addressed. " It is not too late—I was going to tell you of what I had got, only— " " Only the delicious temptation of this young moss rose was too much for you, my friend! " exclaimed the other, seizing, as he spoke, upon the astonished Bella, and forcing his large hand up her clothes to her soft thighs.

" I saw it all through the keyhole, " whispered the brute in her ear. " You need not be frightened, we shall only treat you the same, my dear. "

Bella remembered the conditions of her admittance to the solace of the church, and supposed this was only a part of her new duties. She therefore rested unresistingly in the arms of the two new comers.

Meanwhile his companion had passed his strong arm around Bella's waist, and covered her delicate cheek with kisses.

Ambrose looked stupid and confounded.

The young lady thus found herself between two fires, to say nothing of the smouldering passion of her original possessor. In vain she looked from one to the other for some respite, some means of extrication from her predicament.

For, be it known, that although she fully resigned herself to the position into which the cunning of Father Ambrose had consigned her, a bodily feeling of weakness and fear of the new assailants nearly overcame her.

Bella read nothing but lust and raging desire in the looks of the newcomers, while the non-resistance of Ambrose disarmed all thought of defence on her own part.

The two men had now got her between them, and while the first speaker had pushed his hand as far as her rosy slit, the other lost no time in possessing himself of the well-rounded cheeks of her plump buttocks.

Between them Bella was powerless to resist.

" Stay a moment, " at length suggested Ambrose, " if you are in earnest to enjoy her, at least undress without tearing her clothes to pieces, as you both seemed inclined to do. "

" Strip, Bella, " continued he, " we must all share you, it seems; so prepare to become the willing instrument of our united pleasures. "

" Our convent contains others no less exigent than myself, and your office will be no sinecure, so you had better remember always the privileges you are called upon to fulfill, and be ready to relieve these holy men of the fiery desires which you yet know how to assuage. "

Thus directed there was no alternative.

Bella stood naked before the three vigorous priests.

Murmurs of delight burst from all when Bella stood timidly forth in her beauty.

No sooner did the spokesman of the newcomers, who was evidently the superior of the three, perceive the beautiful nudity now presented to his passionate glances, without any hesitation, he opened his dress, and giving liberty to a large and long member, caught the beautiful girl in his arms, bore her back to the couch, and then, spreading open her pretty thighs, he planted himself between, and hastily bringing the head of his raging champion to the soft orifice, thrust forward, and at one bound buried himself to his balls.

Bella gave a little cry of ecstasy, as she felt the stiff insertion of this new and powerful weapon.

To the man in full possession of the beautiful child the contact was ecstasy, and the feeling with which he found himself completely buried in her body to the hilt of his rampant penis was one of undefinable emotion. He had no idea he should so readily penetrate her young parts, but he had omitted to take into account the flood of semen which she had already received.

The Superior, however, gave her no time for reflection, but commenced to run his course so energetically that his long and powerful strokes produced their fullest effects upon her warm temperament, and almost immediately caused her to give down her sweet emission.

This was too much for the wanton ecclesiastic. Already firmly imbedded in the tight and glove-like sheath, he no sooner felt the hot effusion than he uttered a long growl, and discharged furiously.

Bella relished the spouting torrent of the strong man's lust, and throwing out her legs, received him to his utmost length in her belly, allowing him there to satiate lust in the jetting streams of his fiery nature.

Bella's lewdest feelings were roused by this second and determined attack upon her person, and her excitable nature received with exquisite delight the rich libations the two stalwart champions had poured out. But prurient as she was, the young lady found herself much exhausted by this continued strain upon her bodily powers, and it was therefore with dismay that she perceived the second of the intruders preparing to take advantages of the retirement of the Superior.

But what was Bella's astonishment to discover the gigantic proportions of the Priest who now presented himself.

Already his dress was in disorder and before him stood stiffly erected a member before which even the vigorous Ambrose was forced to cede.

Out of a curling fringe of red hair sprang the white column of flesh, capped by the shining dull red head, the tight and closely, shut orifice of which looked, as if it was obliged to be careful and to prevent a premature over flow of its juices.

Two huge and hairy balls hung closely below, and completed the picture, at sight of which Bella's blood began once more to boil, and her youthful spirits to expand with longing for the disproportionate combat.

" Oh! my Father, how shall I ever get that great thing into my poor little person? " asked Bella, in dismay, " How shall I be able to endure it, when it does go in! I fear it will hurt me dreadfully! "

" I will be very careful, my daughter. I will go slowly.

You are well prepared now by the juices of the holy men who have had the good fortune to precede me. "

Bella fingered the gigantic penis.

The Priest was ugly in the extreme. He was short and stout, but built with shoulders broad enough for a Hercules.

The child had caught a sort of lewd madness; his ugliness only served further to rouse her sensual desires; her hands could not meet round his member. She continued, however, to hold it, to press it and unconsciously to bestow upon it caresses which increased its rigidity and advanced the pleasure. It stood like a bar of iron in her soft hands.

Another moment and the third assailant was upon her, and Bella, almost equally excited, strove to impale herself upon the terrible weapon.

For some minutes the feat seemed impossible, well lubricated as she was by the previous overflowings she had received.

At length a furious lunge drove in the enormous head.

Bella uttered a cry of real anguish; another, and another lunge, the brutal wretch, blind to all but his own gratification, continued to penetrate.

Bella cried out in her agony, and wildly strove to detach herself from her fierce assailant.

Another thrust, another cry from his victim, and the priest had penetrated her to the quick.

Bella had fainted.

The two observers of this monstrous act of debauchery seemed at first inclined to interfere, but it seemed as if they experienced a cruel pleasure in witnessing the conflict, and certainly their lewd movements, and the interest they evidently took in observing the minutest details argued their satisfaction.

I draw a veil over the scene of lust which followed, over the writhings of the savage, as he—securely in possession of the person of the young and beautiful child—slowly spun out his enjoyment, until his gross and fervid discharge put an end to his ecstasies, and allowed an interval in which to restore the poor girl to life.

The stalwart Father had discharged twice before he drew out his long and reeking member, and the volume of spunk which followed was such as to fall pattering in a pool upon the wooden floor.

At length sufficiently recovered to move, the young Bella was permitted to perform those ablutions which the streaming condition of her delicate parts rendered necessary.