The Autobiography of a Flea/Chapter 4

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Several bottles of wine, of old and rare vintage, were now produced, and under their potent influence, Bella slowly recovered her strength.

Within an hour the three priests, finding that she was now sufficiently restored to entertain their lascivious advances, once more began to show signs of a desire for a further enjoyment of her person.

Excited no less by the generous wine than by the sight and touch of her lewd companions, the girl now commenced to pull from their cassocks, and to uncover the members of the three priests, whose enjoyment of the scene was evidently manifested by their absence of restraint.

In less than a minute Bella had all three of their long and stiff affairs in full view. She kissed and toyed with them, sniffing the faint fragrance which arose from them, and fingering the blushing shafts with all the eagerness of an accomplished Cyprian.

" Let us fuck, " piously ejaculated the Superior, whose prick was at that moment at Bella's lips.

" Amen, " chanted Ambrose.

The third ecclesiastic was silent, but his huge penis menaced the skies.

Bella was directed to choose her first assailant in this new round. She selected Ambrose, but the Superior supervened.

Meanwhile, the doors being secured, the three priests deliberately stripped themselves, and thus presented to the brilliant gaze of the youthful Bella three vigorous champions in the prime of life, each armed with a stalwart weapon, which stood once more firmly in their fronts and wagged about threateningly as they moved.

" Oh, fie! What monsters! " exclaimed the young lady, whose shame, however, did not prevent her handling alternately these redoubtable engines.

They have sat her upon the edge of the table, and one by one they sucked her young parts, rolling their hot tongues round and round in the moist red slit in which all had so recently appeased their lust. Bella lent herself to this with joy, and opened to the utmost her plump legs to gratify them.

" I propose she shall suck us one after the other, " exclaimed the Superior.

" Certainly, " assented Father Clement, the man of the red hair and huge erection. " But not to finish so. I want her once more in the belly. "

" No; certainly not, Clement, " said the Superior. " You have well nigh split her in two as it is; you must finish down her throat or not all. "

Bella had no intention of again submitting to an attack from Clement, so she cut short the discussion by seizing on the fat member and putting as much of it as she could into her pretty mouth.

Up and down the blue nut the girl worked her soft moist lips, every now and then pausing to receive as much of it as possible within her mouth. Her fair hands passed around the long, large shaft, and clutched it in a tremulous embrace, as she watched the monstrous penis swell harder with the intensity of the sensations imparted by her delicious touches.

In less than five minutes Clement began to utter howlings more like those of a wild beast than the exclamations of the human lungs, and spent in volumes down her gullet.

Bella drew down the skin along the long shaft, and encouraged the flood to end.

Clement's spendings were as thick and hot as they were plentiful, and squirt after squirt of spunk flew into the girl's mouth.

Bella swallowed it all.

" There is a new experience I must now instruct you, in my daughter, " said the Superior, as Bella next applied her soft lips to his burning member.

" You will find it productive of more pain than pleasure at first, but the ways of Venus are difficult, and only to be learnt and enjoyed by degrees. "

" I shall submit myself to all, my Father, " replied the girl; I know my duty now better, and that I am one of those favoured ones selected to relieve the desires of the good Fathers. "

" Certainly, my daughter, and you feel the bliss of heaven in advance while obeying our slightest wishes, and indulging all our inclinations, however strange and irregular they may be. "

With that he took the girl in his strong arms, and bore her once more to the couch, where he placed her on her face, thus exposing her naked and beautiful posteriors to the whole three.

Next, placing himself between the thighs of his victim, he pointed the tip of his stiff member at the small orifice between Bella's plump buttocks, and pushing forward his well-lubricated weapon by slow degrees, at the same tune began to penetrate her in this novel and unnatural manner.

" Oh,—my! — " cried Bella, " you are in the wrong place—it hurts. —Pray—oh! Pray—ah! Have mercy. Oh! pray spare me! Holy Mother! I die! "

This last exclamation was caused by a final and vigorous thrust on the part of the Superior, which sent his stallion member up to the hairs that covered the lower portion of his belly—Then Bella felt that he was up her body to his balls.

Passing his strong arm around her hips, he pressed close to her back; his stout belly rubbed against her buttocks, and his stiff member was kept thrust into her rectum as far as it would go. The pulsations of pleasure were evident through-out its swollen length, and Bella, biting her lips, awaited the movements of the man which she well knew he was about to commence in order to finish his enjoyment.

The other two priests looked on with envious lust, slowly frigging their big members the while.

As for the Superior, maddened by the tightness of this new and delicious sheath, he laboured at her round buttocks until, with a final lunge, he filled her bowels with his hot discharge. Then drawing his instrument, still erect and smoking, from her body, he declared that he had opened up a new route to pleasure, and recommended Ambrose to avail himself of it.

Ambrose, whose feelings during this time may be better imagined than described, was now rampant with desire.

The sight of his confreres enjoying themselves gradually produced a state of erotic excitement within him that it became necessary to quench as soon as possible.

" Agreed, " he cried, " I will enter by the Temple of Sodom, and you, meanwhile, shall fill with your sturdy sentinel the Halls of Venus. "

" Say rather of legitimate enjoyment, " rejoined the Superior with a grin. " Be it as you say; I should well like another taste of so tight a belly. "

Bella still lay upon her belly upon the couch. Her rounded posterior fully exposed, more dead than alive from the brutal attack which she had just suffered. Not a drop of the semen which had been injected into her so plentifully escaped from the dark recess, but below her slit still ran with the combined emission of the priests. Ambrose seized her.

Placed across the thighs of the Superior, Bella now found his still vigorous member knocking against the lips of her pink slit; slowly she guided it in, as she lowered herself upon it. Presently it all entered—she had it to the roots.

But now the vigorous Superior, passing his arms around her waist, drew her down upon him, and sinking backwards, brought her large and exquisite buttocks before the angry weapon of Ambrose, who straightway bore directly at the already well moistened aperture between their hillocks.

A thousand difficulties presented themselves to be overcome, but at length the lecherous Ambrose felt himself buried in the entrails of his tender victim.

Slowly he drew his member up and down the slippery channel. He spun out his pleasure and enjoyed the vigorous bounds with which his Superior was treating the fair Bella in front.

Presently, with a deep sigh, the Superior reached his climax, and Bella felt him rapidly filling her slit with spunk.

She could not resist the impetus, and her own overflowing mingled with those of her assailant.

Ambrose, however, had husbanded his resources, and now held the pretty girl in front of him, firmly impaled upon his huge affair.

In this position Clement could not resist the opportunity, but watching his chance while the Superior was wiping his person, he drove himself in front of Bella, and almost immediately succeeded in penetrating her belly, now liber-ally bedewed with their slippery leavings.

Enormous though it was, Bella found means to receive the red-haired monster which now stretched her delicate body with its entire length, and for the next few minutes nothing was heard but the sighs and lustful moans of the combatants.

Presently their motions grew harder, Bella expected every moment would be her last. The huge member of Ambrose was up her posterior passage to his balls, while the gigantic truncheon of Clement made all froth again within her belly.

The child was supported between the two, her feet fairly off the ground, and, subject, to the blows, first in front and then behind, with which the priests worked their excited engines in their respective channels.

Just as Bella commenced to lose her consciousness, she became aware by the heavy breathing and the tremendous stiffness of the brute in front that his discharge was coming and the next moment she felt the hot injection flow from the gigantic prick in strong and viscid jets.

" Ah! I spend " cried Clement, and with that he squirted a copious flood up little Bella, to her infinite delight.

" Mine's coming too, " shrieked Ambrose, driving home his vigorous member, and pouring a hot jet of his spunk into Bella's bowels at the same time.

Thus the two continued disgorging the prolific contents of their bodies into that of the gentle girl, while she experienced the double flood, and swam in a deluge of delights.

Anyone would have supposed that a flea of average intelligence only would have had enough of such disgusting exhibitions as I have thought it my duty to disclose; but a certain feeling of friendship as well as sympathy for the young Bella impelled me still to remain in her company.

The event justified my anticipations, and as will hereafter appear, determined my future movements.

Three days only elapsed ere the young lady met the three priests by appointment in the same place.

On this occasion, Bella had taken extra care in regard to her toilet, and the result was that she now appeared more enchanting than ever, in the prettiest of silk dresses, the tightest of kid-boots, and the tiniest of lovely and well-fitting gloves.

The three men were in raptures, and Bella was received in so warm a manner that already her young blood mounted hot to her face with desire.

The door was promptly secured, and then down went the nether garments of the reverend fathers, and Bella, amid the mingled caresses and lascivious touches of the trio, beheld their members baldly exposed and already menacing her.

The Superior was the first who advanced with the intention of enjoying her.

Boldly placing himself in front of her little form, he bore roughly against her, and taking her in his arms, covered her mouth and face with hot kisses.

Bella's excitement equalled his.

By their desire, Bella denuded herself of her drawers and petticoats, and retaining only her exquisite dress, silk stockings, and pretty kid-boots, offered herself to their admiration and lascivious touches.

A moment later and the Father, sinking deliciously upon her reclining figure, had pushed himself to the hairs in her young charms, and remained soaking in the tight conjunction with evident gratification.

Pushing, squeezing, and rubbing against her, the Superior commenced delicious movements, which had the effect of raising both his partner's susceptibilities and his own. His prick, in its increased size and hardness, bore evidence of this.

" Push, oh! Push me harder, " murmured Bella.

Meanwhile Ambrose and Clement whose desires could ill brook the delay, sought to engage some portion of the girl's attention.

Clement put his huge member into her soft white hand and Ambrose, nothing daunted, mounting on the couch, brought the tip of his bulky affair to her delicate lips.

After a few moments, the Superior withdrew from his luscious position.

Bella rose upon the edge of the couch. Before her were the three men, each had his member exposed and erect before him, and the enormous head of Clement's engine turned back almost against his fat belly.

Bella's dress was raised to her waist, her legs and thighs were in full view, and between them the luscious, pinky slit, now reddened and excited by the too abrupt insertion and withdrawal of the Superior's prick.

" Stay a moment, " he observed; " let us proceed with order in our pleasures. This beautiful child is to satisfy all three, therefore it will be necessary to regulate both our enjoyments, and also to enable her to support the attacks to which she will be liable. For myself I do not care whether I come first or second; but as Ambrose spends like an ass, will probably make all smoke again in the regions he penetrates, I propose to pass first. Certainly Clement must be content with the second or thud place, or his enormous member would not only split the girl, but what is of far more consequence, spoil our pleasure. "

" I was third last time. " exclaimed Clement. " I see no reason why I should always be last. I claim the second place. "

" Good, so let it be then, " cried the Superior. " You, Ambrose, will have a slippery nest for your share. "

" Not I, " rejoined that determined ecclesiastic; " if you go first, and that monster Clement has her second, and before me, I shall attack " by the breech " and pour offering in another direction. "

" Do with me as you will, " cried Bella, " I will try and bear all. But, oh, my Fathers, make haste and began. "

Once more the Superior drove in his stalwart weapon.

Bella met the stiff insertion with delight. She hugged him, she bore down against him, and received his jets of emission with ecstatic outbursts of her own.

Clement now presented himself. His monstrous affair was already between the plump legs of the young Bella.

The disproportion was terrible, but the priest was as strong and lewd as largely made, and after sundry violent and ineffectual efforts, he got in and commenced to ram the whole of his asinine member into her belly.

It is impossible to relate how the terrible proportions of this man roused the lascivious imaginations of Bella, or with what a frenzy of passion she found herself deliciously crammed and stretched by the huge genitals of Father Clement.

After a struggle of full ten minutes, Bella received the throbbing mass up to the big balls, which pressed her bottom below.

Bella threw out both her pretty legs, and allowed the brute to revel at his leisure in her charms.

Clement showed no anxiety to cut short his luscious enjoyment, and it was a quarter of an hour before two violent discharges put an end to his pleasure.

Bella received them with deep sighs of delight, and gave down a copious emission of her own upon the thick inpourings of the lustful Father.

Clement had hardly withdrew his monstrous affair from the belly of the young Bella, then, reeking from the arms of her huge lover, she fell into those of Ambrose.

True to his expressed intention, it is now her beautiful buttocks he attacks, and seeks with fierce energy to insert the throbbing head of his instrument within the tender folds of her posterior's aperture.

In vain he seeks to gain a lodgment. The broad head of his weapon is repulsed at each assault, as with brutal lust he tries hard to force himself inwards.

But Ambrose is not to be so easily defeated, he essays again, and at length a determined effort lodges the head within the delicate opening.

Now is his time—a vigorous lunge drives in a couple of inches more and with a single bound the lascivious priest then buries himself to the balls.

Bella's beautiful buttocks had a decided attraction for the lustful priest. He was agitated to an extraordinary degree, as he bore forward in his fierce efforts. He pressed his long and thick member inwards with ecstasy, regardless of the pain the stretching was causing her, as long as he could feel the delicious constrictions of her delicate young parts.

Bella utters a dreadful cry. She is impaled upon the stiff member of the brutal ravisher. She feels his throbbing flesh in her vitals, and endeavours, with frantic efforts, to escape.

But Ambrose, passing his strong arms round her slender waist, restrains her, while he follows each movement made by her, and retains himself in her quivering body by a continued inward strain.

Thus struggling, step by step, the girl crossed the apartment, having the fierce Ambrose firmly imbedded in her posterior passage.

Meanwhile this lewd spectacle was not without its effect upon the beholders.

A shout of laughter issued from their throats, and both applauded the vigour of their companion, whose visage, inflamed and working, bore ample testimony to his pleasurable emotions.

But the sight also quickly roused their desires, and both showed by the state of their members that they were as yet by no means satisfied.

Bella having by mis time arrived close to the Superior, the latter caught her in his arms, and Ambrose, taking advantage of this timely check, commenced to push his member about in her bowels, while the intense heat of her body afforded him the liveliest pleasure.

By the position in which the three were now placed, the Superior found his mouth on a level with Bella's natural charms, and instantly glueing his lips thereto, he sucked her moistened slit.

But the excitement thus occasioned required more solid enjoyment, and drawing the pretty girl across his knees as he sat upon his seat, he let loose his bursting member and quickly drove it into her soft belly.

Thus Bella was between two fires, and the fierce thrusts of Father Ambrose upon her plump buttocks were now supplemented by the fervid efforts of the Superior in the other direction.

Both revelled in a sea of sensual delights, both bathed themselves to the full in the delicious sensations they experienced, while their victim, perforated before and behind by their swelling members, had to sustain as she could their excited movements.

But a further trial awaited the young Bella, for no sooner did the vigorous Clement witness the close conjunction of his companions, than, inflamed with envy, and stung by the violence of his passions, he mounted the seat behind the superior, and taking possession of poor Bella's head, presented his flaming weapon against her rosy lips, then forcing the tip, with the narrow aperture already exuding anticipatory drops, into her pretty mouth, he made her rub the long, hard shaft in her hand.

Meanwhile Ambrose found the insertion of the Superior's member in front quickly bring on his proceedings, while the latter, equally excited by the back action of his comrade, speedily began to feel the approaches of the spasms preceding and accompanying the final act of emission.

Clement was the first to let fly, and he sent his glutinous discharge in showers down the throat of the little Bella.

Ambrose followed, and falling on her back shot a torrent of spunk up her bowels, while the Superior at the same moment loaded her womb with his contributions.

Thus surrounded, Bella received the united discharge of the three vigorous priests.