The Autobiography of a Flea/Chapter 7

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Bella had a female friend, a young lady, a few months older than herself, and the daughter of a wealthy gentleman who lived very near Mr. Verbouc. Julia was, however, of a less voluptuous and ardent disposition, and, Bella soon found, was not ripe enough to comprehend the sentiments of passion nor understand the strong instincts which provoke to enjoyment.

Julia was slightly taller than her young friend, slightly less plump, but formed to delight the eye and ravish the heart of an artist by her faultless shape and exquisite features.

A flea cannot well be supposed to describe personal beauty, even in those on whom they feed. All I know is that Julia was a luscious treat to me, and would one day also be to some one of the opposite sex, for she was made to raise the desires of the most callous, and to charm by her graceful manners and ever pleasing shape the most fastidious votaries of Venus.

Julia's father possessed, as we have said, ample means; her mother was a weak simpleton, who busied herself very little about her daughter, or, indeed, anything beyond the religious duties in the exercise of which she spent a great part of her time, or the visitations of the old " devotes " of the neighbourhood, who encouraged her predilections.

Monsieur Delmont was comparatively young. He was robust, he was fond of life, and as his pious better half was far too much occupied to afford him those matrimonial solaces which the poor man had a right to expect he went elsewhere.

M. Delmont had a mistress—a young and pretty woman, who I concluded was, in her turn, indisposed after the fashion of such people, to be content only with her wealthy protector.

M. Delmont by no means confined his attentions even to his mistress; his habits were erratic, and his tastes decidedly amatory.

Under these circumstances it was not wonderful that his eye should have fallen upon the budding and beautiful figure of his daughter's young friend, Bella. Already he had found opportunities to press the pretty gloved hand, to kiss—of course in a properly paternal manner—the white brow and even to place his trembling hand—quite by accident—upon the plump thighs.

In fact, Bella, wiser far and more experienced than most girls of her tender age, saw that he was only awaiting an opportunity to push matters to extremities.

This was just what Bella would have liked, but she was too closely watched, and the new and disgraceful connection in which she was only just entering occupied all her thoughts.

Father Ambrose, however, was fully alive to the necessity of caution, and the good man let no opportunity pass by, while the young lady was in his confessional, of making direct and pertinent enquiries as to her conduct with others and theirs to his penitent. It was thus Bella came to confess to her spiritual guide the feelings engendered within herself by the amatory proceedings of M. Delmont.

Father Ambrose gave her some good advice, and immediately set Bella to work to suck his penis.

This delicious episode over, and the traces of his enjoyment removed, the worthy man set about with his usual astuteness, to rum the fact he had just acquired to his advantage.

Nor was it long before his sensual and vicious brain conceived a plot which for criminality and audacity I, as a humble insect, have never known equalled.

Of course he had at once determined that the young Julia should eventually be his—that was only natural—but to accomplish this end and amuse himself at the same time with the passion which M. Delmont evidently entertained for Bella, was a double consummation which he saw his way to by a most unscrupulous and hideous plan, which the reader will understand as we proceed.

The first thing to be done was to warm the imagination of the fair Julia, and develop in her the latent fires of lust.

This noble task the good priest left to Bella who, duly instructed, easily promised compliance.

Since the ice had been broken in her own case, Bella to say the truth, desired nothing better than to make Julia equally culpable as herself. So Bella set to work to corrupt her young friend. How she succeeded, we shall duly see.

It was only a few days after the initiation of the young Bella into the delights of crime in the shape of incest, which we have already related, and the little girl had no further experience, Mr. Verbouc having been called away from home. At length, however, an opportunity occurred, and for the second time Bella found herself alone and serene with her uncle and Father Ambrose.

The evening was cold, but a pleasant warmth was imparted to the luxurious apartment by a stove, while the soft and elastic sofa and ottomans with which the room was furnished gave an air of listless repose. In the brilliant light of a deliriously perfumed lamp, the two men appeared like the luxurious votaries of Bacchus and Venus, as they reclined only lightly clad, and fresh from a sumptuous repast.

As for Bella, she surpassed herself in beauty. Habited in a charming " negligee, " she half disclosed and half concealed those budding sweets of which she might well be proud.

The lovely rounded arms, the soft, silk-clad legs, the heaving bosom, whence peeped two white, exquisitely formed and strawberry-tipped " pommettes, " the well-turned ankle, and the tiny foot, cased in its close-fitting little shoe. These and other beauties lent their several attractions to make up a delicate and delicious whole, with which the pampered Deities might have intoxicated themselves, and in which two lustful mortals now prepared to revel.

It needed little, however, to excite further the infamous and irregular desires of the two men, who now, with eyes red with lust, regarded at their ease the luxurious treat in store for them.

Secure from all interruption, both sought in lascivious " attouchments " to gratify the craving of their imaginations to handle what they saw.

Unable to restrain his eagerness, the sensual uncle stretched out his hand, and drawing his beautiful niece close to him, allowed his fingers to wander between her legs. As for the priest he seized on her soft bosom, and buried his face in its young freshness.

Neither allowed any considerations of modesty to interfere in their enjoyments, and the members of the two strong men were fully exposed and standing excitingly erect, the red heads shining with the tension of blood and muscle below.

" Oh, how you touch me, " murmured Bella, opening involuntarily her white thighs to the trembling hand of her uncle, while Ambrose almost stifled her with his gross lips, as he sucked delicious kisses from her ruby mouth.

Presently her delighted hand pressed within its warm palm the stiffened member of the vigorous Priest.

" There, my sweet girl, is it not large? And does it not burn to spout its juices into you? Oh, my child, how you excite me. Your hand, your little hand! Ugh! I am dying to thrust this into your soft belly! Kiss me, Bella! Verbouc, see how your niece excites me. "

" Holy Mother, what a prick! See, what a nut it has, Bella. How it shines, what a long white shaft, and how it curves upwards, like a serpent bent on stinging its victim.

Already a drop gathers on its tip, look, Bella. "

" Oh, how hard it is! How it throbs! How it thrusts forward! I can scarce hold it, you kill me with such kisses, you suck my life away. "

Mr. Verbouc made a forward movement, and at the same moment again disclosed his weapon, erect and ruby red, the head uncapped and moist.

Bella's eyes glistened at the prospect.

" We must regulate our pleasures, Bella, " said her Uncle.

" We must endeavour, as much as possible, to prolong our ecstasies. "

" Ambrose is rampant with lust, what a splendid animal he is, what a member; he is furnished like a jackass. Ah, my niece, my child, that will stretch your little slit, it will thrust itself right up to your vitals, and after a long course it will discharge a torrent of spunk for your pleasure. "

" What joy, " murmured Bella; " I long to have it up me to the waist. "

" Yes, oh yes; do not hasten too soon the delicious end; let us all work for that. "

She would have added more, but the red bulb of Mr. Verbouc's stiffened affair at that moment entered her mouth.

With the utmost avidity Bella received the stiff and throbbing thing between her coral lips, and allowed as much of the head and shoulders as could accommodate themselves to enter. She licked at round With her tongue; she even tried to force the tip into the red opening at the apex. She was excited beyond herself. Her cheeks flushed, her breath came and went with spasmodic eagerness. Her hand still grasped the member of the salacious Priest. Her tight young cunt throbbed with the pleasures of anticipation.

She would have continued to tickle, rub, and excite the swollen tool of the lecherous Ambrose, but that worthy man signed to her to stop.

" Stay a moment, Bella, " sighed he, " you will make the spunk come so. "

Bella released her hold of the big white shaft and lay back, so that her Uncle could work leisurely in and out of her mouth Her eyes greedily rested upon the huge proportions of Ambrose all the while.

Never had Bella tasted a prick with so much delight, as she now did the very respectable weapon of her Uncle.

She, therefore, worked her lips upon it with the utmost relish, sucking greedily the moisture which from time to time exuded from the tip. Mr. Verbouc was in raptures with her willing services.

The Priest now knelt down, and pushing his shaven head between the knees of Mr. Verbouc, as he stood before his niece, he opened the girl's plump thighs, and parting the pink lips of her delicate slit with his fingers, he thrust in his tongue, and covered her young and excited parts with his thick lips.

Bella shivered with pleasure:her Uncle grew stiffer, and pushed hard and viciously at her beautiful mouth. The girl placed a hand on his balls, and gently squeezed them. She skinned back the hot shaft and sucked it with evident delight.

" Let it come, " said Bella, rejecting for a moment the glistening nut in order to express herself and take breath.

" Let it come, Uncle, I should like to taste it so much. "

" So you shall, my darling, but not yet, we must not be too quick, " " Oh! How he sucks me, how his tongue licks me! I am on fire; he is killing me. "

" Aha, Bella, you feel nothing but pleasures now, you are reconciled to the joys of our incestuous connection. "

" Indeed I am, my dear Uncle, give me your prick again in my mouth. "

" Not yet, Bella, my love. "

" Do not keep me too long. You are maddening me.

Father! Father! Oh, he is coming to me, he is preparing to fuck me. Holy mother! What a prick! Oh, mercy! He will split me. "

Meanwhile Ambrose, driven to fury by the delicious employment he had been engaged in, became too excited to remain longer as he was, and taking the opportunity of Mr. Verbouc's temporary withdrawal, he rose and pushed the beautiful girl back upon the soft lounge.

Verbouc seized upon the formidable penis of the holy Father, and gave it one or two preliminary shakes, pushed back the soft skin which circled the egg-shaped head, and directing the broad flaming head to the pink slit, drove it up vigorously into her belly, as she lay before him.

The moistened condition of the child's parts assisted the insertion of the head and shoulders, and the Priest's weapon was quickly engulped. Vigorous thrusts succeeded, and with fierce lust in his face, and little mercy for the youth of his victim, Ambrose fucked on. Her excitement obliterated all sense of pain and stretching wide her pretty legs she allowed him to wallow as completely as he desired in the possession of her beauty.

A loud moan of rapture escaped from Bella's parted lips, as she felt the huge weapon, hard as iron, pressing up her womb, and stretching her with its great bulk.

Mr. Verbouc lost nothing of the salacious sight, but standing close to the excited couple, he placed his own hardly less vigorous member in his niece's convulsive grasp.

Ambrose no sooner felt himself securely lodged in the beautiful body beneath him than he curbed his eagerness, and calling to his aid the wonderful power of self-control which he possessed in so extraordinary a degree, he passed his trembling hands behind the hips of the girl, and pulling apart his dress exposed his hairy belly, with which at each deep thrust he rubbed her soft " motte " .

But now the Priest commenced his course in earnest.

With strong and regular thrusts he buried himself in the tender form beneath him. He pressed hotly forward; Bella threw her white arms round his brawny neck. His balls beat upon her plump bottom, his tool was up her to the hairs, which, black and crisp, plentifully covered his big belly.

" She has it now; look, Verbouc, at your niece. See, how she relishes the administrations of the church. Ah, what pressures! How she nips me in her tight, naked little cunt. "

" Oh, my dear, dear. Oh! good Father, fuck on, I am spending; push, push it in. Kill me with it, if you like, but keep moving. So! Oh! Heavens. Ah! Ah! How big it is; how you enter me! "

The lounge fairly worked again, and cracked beneath his rapid strokes.

" Oh, God! " cried Bella " he's killing me—it's really to much—I die—I am spending, " and with a half shriek, the girl went off and flooded the thick member which was so deliciously forging her—a second time.

The long prick grew hotter and harder. The knob swelled also, and the whole tremendous affair seemed ready to burst with luxury. The young Bella moaned incoherent words, in which the word fuck was alone audible.

Ambrose, also fully primed, and feeling his great affair nipped in the young parts of the girl, could hold out no longer, and catching hold of Bella's bottom with both hands, he pressed inwards the whole tremendous length and discharged, shooting the thick jets of his fluid, one after another, deep into his play-fellow.

A roar like that of a wild beast escaped him, as he felt the hot spunk spout from him.

" Oh! it comes; you are flooding me. I feel it. Oh! delicious! "

Meanwhile the Priest's prick bore hard up into Bella's body, and its swollen head continued to inject its pearly seed right into her young womb.

" Oh, what a quantity you have given me, " remarked Bella, as she staggered to her feet and beheld the thick, hot fluid running, in all directions down her legs. " How white and slippery it is. "

This was exactly the condition of affairs which Uncle most coveted, and he, therefore proceeded leisurely to avail himself of it. He regarded her beautiful silk stockings all drabbled; he pushed his fingers between the red lips of her young cunt and rubbed the exuding semen all over her hairless young belly and thighs.

Placing his niece conveniently before him, Mr. Verbouc exposed once more his stiff and hairy champion, and roused by the exceptional circumstances he so much delighted in, he contemplated with eager zeal the tender parts of the young Bella, all covered as they were with the discharge of the Priest, and still exuding thick and copious gouts of his prolific fluid.

Bella, at his desire, opened her legs to her utmost. Her uncle eagerly pushed his naked person between her plump young thighs.

" Hold still, my dear niece. My prick is not so thick, nor so long as Father Ambrose's, but I know well how to fuck, and you shall try whether your Uncle's spunk is not as thick and pungent as any ecclesiastic's. See, how stiff I am. "

" Ah! how you make me long, " said Bella, " I can see your dear thing waiting for its turn; how red it looks. Push me, Uncle, dear, I am ready again, and good Father Ambrose has plentifully oiled the way for you.

The hard and red-headed member touched the parted lips, all slippery as they were already, the apex readily enters—the big shaft quickly follows, and with a few steady thrusts, behold this exemplary relative buried to the balls in his niece's belly, and lolling luxuriantly in the reeking evidence of her previous unholy enjoyment of Father Ambrose.

" My darling Uncle, " exclaimed the girl, " remember whom you fuck. It is no stranger, it is your brother's child—your own niece. Fuck me then. Uncle, give me all your strong prick—fuck! Ah, fuck, fuck, till your incestuous stuff pours into me. Ah, ah! Oh! ! " and overpowered with the salacious ideas she conjured up, Bella gave way to the most unbridled sensuality, to the great delight of her Uncle.

The strong man, content in the gratification of his favourite lechery, deals his rapid and powerful strokes. Swimming as was the condition of his fair opponent's slit, it was so naturally small and tight and he found himself clipped in the most delicious way by the narrow opening, and his pleasure rapidly advanced.

Verbouc rose and fell upon the delicious body of his young niece; he drove fiercely inwards at every bound, and Bella clung to him with the tenacity of yet unsated lust. His prick grew hard and hot.

The titillation soon became almost insupportable. Bella herself enjoyed the incestuous encounter to the utmost, until with a sob Mr. Verbouc fell forward spending upon his niece, while the hot fluid spouted from him, and again inundated her womb. Bella also reached the climax and while she felt and welcomed the powerful injection, gave down as equally ardent proof her enjoyment.

The act being thus completed, Bella was permitted to make the necessary ablutions, and then after a revivifying glass of wine round, the three sat down, and concerted a devilish plot for the defilement and enjoyment of the beautiful Julia Delmont.

Bella avowed that Mr. Delmont was certainly amorous of her, and evidently only wanted an opportunity to push matters on towards his object.

Father Ambrose confessed that his member stood straight out at the bare mention of the fair girl's name. He confessed her, and he now laughingly acknowledged that he could not keep his hands off himself during the ceremony; her breath caused him agonies of sensual longing, it was perfume itself.

Mr. Verbouc declared himself equally anxious to revel in such tender sweets of which the description made him wild with lust, but how to carry the plot into execution was the question.

" If I ravished her without preparation, I should burst her parts, " exclaimed Father Ambrose, displaying once more his rubiconed machine, smoking yet with the unremoved evidence of his last enjoyment.

" I could not have her first. I need the excitement of a previous copulation, " he objected " I should like to see the girl well ravished, " said Bella.

" I should watch the operation with delight and when Father Ambrose has rammed his big thing into her, you, Uncle, could be giving me yours to compensate me for the gift we were making in favour of the pretty Julia. "

" Yes, that would be doubly delicious. "

" What is to be done, " exclaimed Bella. " Holy Mother! how stiff your thing is again, dear Father Ambrose. "

" An idea occurs to me which gives me a violent erection only to think of; put in practice it would be the acme of lust, and consequently of pleasure. "

" Let us hear, " exclaimed both at once.

" Wait a moment, " said the holy man, suffering Bella lightly to skin down the purple head of his tool and tickle the moist orifice with the tip of her tongue.

" Listen to me, " said Ambrose. " Mr. Delmont is amorous of Bella there. We are amorous of his daughter, and our child here, who is now sucking my weapon, would like the tender Julia to have it thrust up to her vitals, just by way of giving her wicked salacious little self an extra dose of pleasure. So far we are all agreed. Now give me your attention, and for the moment, Bella, let go my tool.

This is my plan. I know the little Julia is not insensible to her animal instincts—in fact, the little devil already feels the pricking of the flesh. A little persuasion and little mystification would do the rest. Julia will consent to have relief from those gentle pangs of canal appetite. Bella must bring her on and encourage the idea. Meanwhile Bella can lead the dear Mr. Delmont further on. She may allow him to declare himself, if he will; in fact this is necessary to the success of the plot; I must than be called in; I will suggest that Mr. Verbouc is a man above all vulgar prejudices, and that for a certain sum to be agreed upon he will surrender his beautiful and virgin niece to his impassioned embraces. "

" I hardly know about that, " commenced Bella.

" I don't see the object, " interposed Mr. Verbouc. " We shall be no nearer the attainment of our aim. "

" Wait a moment, " continued the holy man. " We are all agreed so far—now, Bella shall be sold to Mr. Delmont; he shall be allowed to take his full of her beautiful charms in secrecy, she shall not see him, nor he her—at least, not her countenance, which shall remain concealed. He will be introduced to his agreeable chamber, he will behold the body, utterly nude, of a lovely young girl, he will know it is his victim, and he will enjoy her. "

" Me! " interrupted Bella, " why all this mystery? "

Father Ambrose smiled a sickly smile.

" You will see, Bella—be patient. We want to enjoy Julia Delmont. Mr. Delmont wants to enjoy you. We can only accomplish our purpose by preventing any scandal at the same time. Mr. Delmont must be silenced, or we may suffer for our violation of his child. Now my design is that the lascivious Mr. Delmont shall violate " his own daughter " in lieu of Bella, and that having thus opened the way for us, we shall avail ourselves of the fact to satisfy our lust also. If Mr. Delmont falls into the trap, we can either allow him the knowledge of his incest and reward him with the real enjoyment of our sweet Bella, in return for the person of his daughter, or otherwise act as circumstances may dictate. "

" Oh! I am nearly spending, " cried Mr. Verbouc; " my weapon is bursting! What a trick! What a delicious sight, " Both men rose—Bella was enveloped in their embraces—two hard and large weapons pressed against her soft figure.

They led her to the couch.

Ambrose fell upon his back; Bella mounted upon his body, took his stallion penis in her fair hand, and pushed it into her slit.

Mr. Verbouc looked on.

Bella lowered herself down, until the huge weapon was wholly lodged. Then she lay down on the burly Father and commenced an undulating, delicious series of movements.

Mr. Verbouc saw her beautiful bottom rising and falling—parfing and closing with each successive thrust.

Ambrose was in to the hilt, that was evident, his big balls hung closely underneath, and the fat lips of her budding parts came down to them each time she let herself fall above him.

The sight proved too much for him. The virtuous uncle mounted the couch, directed his long and swollen penis to the posteriors of the fair Bella, and with little difficulty succeeded in housing its extreme length in her bowels.

His niece's bottom was broad and soft as velvet, and the skin white as alabaster. Verbouc, however, did not care to stop for contemplation. His member was in, and he felt the tight compression of the muscle at the little entrance acting upon it like nothing else in the world. The two pricks rubbed together with only a thin membrane between.

Bella felt the maddening effect of this double " jouis-sance " . Terrific grew the excitement, until at length the very rapture of the struggle brought its own relief and floods of spunk inundated the fair Bella.

After this, Ambrose discharged twice in Bella's mouth, where uncle also emitted his incestuous fluid, and this final closed the entertainment.

The way in which Bella performed this operation was such as to call forth the wannest encomiums from her companions.

Seating herself upon the edge of a chair, she received them standing in front of her, so that their stiff weapons were nearly on a level with her coral lips. Then taking the velvet gland entirely into her mouth, she employed her fair hands to rub, tickle, and excite the shaft and its appendages.

Thus the full nervous power of her playfellow was em-ployed and with his bursting penis at full stretch, he enjoyed the luscious titillation, until Bella's indelicate touches proved too much, and amid sighs of ecstatic emotion, her mouth and gullet were suddenly flooded with a spouting stream of spunk.

The little glutton swallowed all; she would have done the same for a dozen, had she had the chance.