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The Bird Book by Chester A. Reed
Cotingas: Family Cotingidae



.1-.] XANTUS BE CARD. Platypsaris aglaice albiventris.

Range. i Mexico; north casually to the southern border of Arizona.

This peculiar species is grayish above and lighter gray below, has dark slaty crown* and a patch of rose color on the lower throat. This is the only representative of this tropical family that has been found as yet over the Mexican border, but its near ally, the Rose-throated Becard has been found within a very few miles and will doubtless be added to our fauna as an accidental visitor ere long. Their nests are large masses of grasses, weeds, strips of bark, etc., partially suspended from the forks of branches. Their eggs number Buffy gray

four or five and are a pale buffy gray color, dotted and scratched with a pale reddish brown and dark gray. Size .95 x .70. The one figured is from a set in the collection of Mr. Crandall, taken June 1, 1897 at Presidio Sinaloa, Mexico.

' ..A*