The Book of the Holy Places/24

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Chapter XXIV the church at the right hand side of Bethany, being framed together. Of another celebrated of the church on the south side of Bethany, and in that the mount of Olives, based on the place which the Lord to the disciples, it is said to have had the word, "he briefly to write to think. Hence it is not necessary to inquire what manner of man negligent in the matter, and at what time, and / or special persons to which the disciples of the Lord spoken. And these three, if the writers of the three to open the Gospels we will, Matthew, Mark, Luke and clarebunt made known to us, about the word of the quality of concinnanter [et al., The chorus of] they term it, in place of the of the congregation no one doubts that will be able to any of the words and the form of [Corbis ., styma] those who read the Gospel of Matthew, where it concerns the Lord, saying, makes Mention of the evangelist: he was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately, saying: "Tell us, when shall these things be? and that the sign of thy coming and of the end of the world? (Matt. 24.) Of the persons who consults him he held his peace here in Matthew, Mark, but it does inform us, who says the writing thus: They asked him privately, Peter, and James and John, and Andrew (Mark 13). To whom the quality of answering, they asked him of speech have been held according to the evangelists, and the three before mentioned, he shows he spake thus: Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name saying, I am that I am the [0794B] Christ, (ibid.), and so on the following of the lowest of the end of the times and the ages, which Matthew proceeds thus: the word of a long, up to the place, where also are the time of [Al., The time of] of this the evangelist is manifestly the same drawn from the words of the word of the Lord, he shows, saying thus: "And it came to pass when Jesus had finished saying all these things, he said to his disciples: You know that after two days the Passover will be, and the Son of man shall be betrayed to be crucified (Matt. 26), and so on. Franklin, therefore, is shown in the day of the Lord on Wednesday, for two days, by resisting all until the first day of unleavened bread, which is called Passover, mentioned above the word of the long drawn out question that he spoke to the four mentioned above the apostles. Therefore, have been held in a place of his talk! The above-named, for a remembrance: the foundations of the church in the honor of high importance. Up to this point of the holy places of Jerusalem the city, and of Mount Sion and Mount of Olives, and mountains, the valley of Jehoshaphat between them according to the saint of the same Arculf frequentatoris enough for a narration of the places have portrayed with a certain.