The Bosnia Tragedy

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Thanks to Allah and prayers and mercy upon the Messenger of Allah and those that were rightly guided by his guidance.

It is no longer hidden that the Saudi regime persistently sought to block all the abilities and capabilities of the Ummah by placing control over it. But the regime was not satisfied with its unjust policies; it had to go further by imposing control on the minds and politiics of the nation. Moreover, the regime sought to impose economic control. This resulted in the closure of charitable organizations that delivered the contributions of the benefactors from this country to its deserving lawful owners. The regime replaced these charitable organizations with associations and organizations that were supervised by members of the ruling family, such as Prince Sultan and Prince Salman. This revealed a scheme by which they monopolized the charitable contributions in such a way that it prevented Islam and the Muslims from benefiting from them. The regime used the contributions the same way it used the money of the Afghan mujahideen. That money was used to pressure the Mujahideen and influence their policies in a way that would benefit the interests of the West. Sometimes these contributions were used for the private interests of the princes.

Despite the scandals of the regime in financial matters, particularly in how it handled contributions, the regime still tries to grasp every opportunity to take advantage of every occasion which would allow it to repeat what it had done previously. All of these scandals have become public knowledge, but the regime ignores the level of awareness that the nation has attained. There have been a number of internal and external crises that have surrounded King Fahd, some of which have uncovered his animosity towards Islam and the Muslims. His opposition to the will of Allah is made clear by his use of the laws of positivism to govern his kingdom, his loyalty to the infidels and his animosity towards the Muslims, especially the religious scholars, preachers and reformers amongst them. Other examples of problems under King Fahd's rule include the high prices, the increased taxes and duties, the spread of unemployment and the collapse of the nation's economy after it drowned in a rough sea of interest debts. All of this has pulled the nation into a real tragedy that continues to escalate. The king is attempting to escape from the internal facts by drawing attention away from his problems to those going on outside the country. He is creating a diversion, tickling the nation's emotions by raising the shirt of support for Bosnia Herzegovina and all the contributions to its people.

Our comments on what transpired are summarized as follows:

Firstly: From our previous statements, particularly statement number 17, it is clear to us that this regime has deviated from Islam and it has committed apostasy. The regime has disappointed us in its big causes, especially the Palestinian cause, which is the mother of Islamic causes. These facts are sufficient to refute any lawsuit the regime might rant about on behalf of its aspiration to serve and achieve victory for the Bosnia and Herzegovina cause. How can this regime bring victory to Islam when it is apostate? How can victory be brough to the Muslims by a regime that conspires against their causes and supports their enemies, making the country of the Two Holy Mosques a theatre for plundering and looting?
We have not yet forgotten the contributions that were collected on behalf of the Palestinian cause, which at the end were given to the extortive Jews as a token of friendship and as a present of cordiality. Is the Bosnian cause going to be more important to this regime than the Palestinian cause? How are we going to believe the regime when it says that it will support Islam and the Muslims in Bosnia, when the best of the scholars, the preachers of the nation and the cream of its youth remain in the prisons of this regime?

[A quote from the Hadith that the translator did not include, suggesting that if someone is a guardian of Islam, they have Allah's permission to wage wars]

Secondly: The special offical record of the Bosnia cause is a black record full of deceit and disappointment as shown by the following positions:
1. The Saudi regime hosted a broad Islamic conference to specifically discuss the Bosnian cause three years ago in Jeddah. After empty heroic speeches, the conference delegates gave the United Nations a last chance to save the situation in Bosnia. Otherwise, the Islamic world, led by the Saudi regime (the conference organizer), would interfere. In spite of this, the United Nations persisted on its deadly plan for the destruction of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The decisions made in that conference were placed on the shelves of forgetfulness, because it was for local consumption only. This left the Muslims of Bosnia to their own frightful fate, and they surrendered to the Serbian monster to be devoured in front of the eyes and ears of the entire world, forbidden from the right of legally defending themselves according to the decisions of the United Nations.
2. When the citizens of the country tried to responde to the disaster of their Bosnian brethren, the regime proceeded to put road blocks in front of them in several ways, some of which are:
A) The regime prohibited the travel of several independent leadership personalities that had influence and effectiveness in purchasing arms for the Mujahideen in Bosnia. This was in response to pressure from the Western nations who did not want the arms to reach the Muslims in Bosnia. However, those who slipped away from the clutches of teh regime and joined their brethren in Bosnia in the defence of their religion and themselves, were immediately arrested upon their return.
B) The regime delivered some of the contributions that were collected for the Bosnians to some crusader organizations for distribution under the best of conditions. These contributions were to be shared among the Croatians, the Serbians and the Muslims, that is between the victim and the butcher.
Such activities became apparent to those who have eyes that can see tha tthe regime's propaganda of showing support to the Muslims in Bosnia was nothing more than crocodile tears and deceit.

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