The Buckwheat Season

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In the beginning of the summer, the Sun is in the middle of nowhere, and the sun is still shining. Half of the villagers have returned, but the Woodcutters Who haven't sold a lot are wandering on the streets, but there is no reason why Mr. Heo and Mr. Joe have to sit because of them. Not only the flies but also the exploiters are annoying. A dry-goods store's Mr. Heo who is a pockmarked person and left-hander finally said to Mr. Joe.

"Now, shall We leave?"

"That Sounds good. Have We ever Sold Well at the Bongpyeong Market? We have to sell Well at the Daewha market."

"We must have to walk a night."

"There will be a moon at the sky."

Watching Mr. Joe counting the money that they had earned that day, Mr. Heo started to pack the goods. Both the cotton and the main single-barreled tiles were tightly packed with two rings. There was a rag of cloth on top of the Straw mat.

Other people were packing their own goods. There were even crafty people. Neither fish sellers nor tinkers, wheat-gluten nor ginger sellers were visible. Tomorrow, there will be a market at Jinbu and Daewha. Either way, the people must walk about 23 kilometers in the evening. The marketplace was cluttered up like a party garden, and a fight broke out at the bar. The lady's voice was rent with acrimony. The marketplace's evening was beginning with lady's yell.

"Heo, don't put on a screen of indifference. About Chungju family's lady."

Mr. Joe who thought immediately about Chungju family's lady because of the lady's loud laughs.

"It's pie in the sky. Versus with young people, I will not be compared With them."

"Not exactly. It's true that ladies are unable to move their limbs, but Dongi seems to seduce Chungju family's lady."

"What? That rookie? Must be with goods. I thought he is a trustworthy guy, but he isn't." said Heo.

Mr. Heo had no Choice but to follow Mr. Joe. Mr. Heo had no bond to ladies. He didn't have the courage to behave with pockmarked face, and no ladies gave favor to Mr. Heo. His life was lonely. He was shy to Chunju family's lady.

When I saw Dongi's face, I was really an without reason. I couldn't stand watching the girl playing with a red face. He is quite an eyesore. He has a thin head and he was drunk even though it was afternoon. He was a disgrace to itinerant vendors. And he's going to wander around with us, and he's going to split income with U.S. It was a rebuke since Heo was stopped at the front of Dong. Heo couldn't bear to leave without a single blow Though Dong was angry and humbled by Heo's anger, Heo Said,

"I do not know what you have done. But you must have parents. They will be really happy when they see your unsightly behavior. Business has to be done with Satisfaction, ladies are not proper. Disappear."

However, it was rather inconsiderate of him to see Dong leaving with no answer back. Still, Mr. Heo felt uneasy about it because it was still not familiar With Dongi. it is a matter of course, both are guests but why he hit young man. Chungju family's lady was tough at alcohol swelling. You got a crush on him, don't you? A scalded cat dreads the washing. After much ado. I thought I'd feel like was in the middle of a while, and somehow I wanted to get drunk, so drank almost every bottle of wine. After the lapse of the dawn, the aftermath of the incident seemed to be more acute about Dong than the woman. I was determined to do what had to do with my wiles, and I was severely rebuked by my foolishness. So, when Dongi came to call us, threw a Cup of Wine into his mouth and rushed out of the house.

"Your donkey is messing around."

"Must be done by exploiters."

Dongi's warm heart touched Mr. Heo heart. Heo's eyes filled with tears.

"I'm afraid exploiters are balky people."

"I will cope with the exploiters who touch my donkey."

While sleeping in the same inn and walking in the same moonlight, twenty years of age led to man and beast getting together. Casparin's mane of hair broke down like the owner's hair, and moist eyes shed sleep with the owner's eyes. The short cut, like a stumpy broom, hit the fly at best, but it did not reach the bridge. Several pieces of burnt bronze were worn out. Already, it was wrong to grow taller, and the bleeding iron was draining away. The owner discerned the owner. Cry loudly and enjoyably.

When I pat his neck as soothe baby, the donkey flared his nose and shake his lips. Runny nose spouts. Mr. Heo let loose his stomach by that animal. Because of Calm children's hard mischief, his body trembled with sweat and excitement; he doesn't calm down. A bridle got off and a saddle felled down. That bad children ran away, some of remanent children got off with fright at Mr. Heo's shout.

"It isn't our mischief. That donkey saw a female and ran mad." A little boy shouted in fall side.

"You rude little bastard..."

When Mr. Kim's donkey pass away, He kicked up the soil and froth at the mouth like a mad cow. So we just looked at it. See his stomach." That boy shouted and kidding.

Mr. Heo's face get red. He must cover donkey's stomach with his body.

"That animal feel sexual desire though he is old. That animal do."

Mr. Heo couldn't suppress with the children's laughter, so he follow them with a whip on his hand.

"Catch me if you can. Left-hander hit people~."

They were so fast. The left-hander couldn't hit just a boy. He throw his whip. His body get hot with intoxication.

"Let's leave now. The market little kids are more scare than adults."

Mr. Joe and Dong saddle up and start to load their luggage. The Sun has gone quite a bit.

It's been 20 years since Mr. Hed starting a traveling market, he didn't miss the Bongpyeang market. He said that his hometown is Chungju, but he didn't visit there That beautiful landscape on the road between a market and market is another home town to him. When he approached the village where a market open and donkey wall powerfully-moreover it is toward evening, Mr. Heo was surprised always because of that sound.

When he was young, he saved money, but he finally consumed it all gambling a the summer festival. He was placed in a situation to solve the donkey but he, a bandoned it because of attachment. Eventually he had to work a traveling market again He ran away to town and stroke his donkey as Crying and said,

"It is fortune that I don't solve you."

As starting to make debt, he couldn't only save money, but also eke out a scanty livelihood by work as a traveling marketer.

Mr. Heo acted many, but he couldn't seduce a woman. Women were brusque and icy creatures. He felt miserable to his circumstances. His only companion was his donkey.

However, he couldn't forget his first experience in his whole life. The only relationship being neither before nor since! It happened when Mr. Heo began to go Bongpyeang, but he filled fruit when he reminisced about it.

"It was a moonlit night I don't know why it happened."

Mr. Heo started to talk about that night's story. Mr. Joe heard this story very much often time since he had been a Mr. Heo's friend. But Mr. Joe couldn't make aversion, Mr. Heo said again with a straight face.

"In a moonlit night, this story is harmonize."

He looked at Mr. Joe's side not being sorry to him, but being moved to moon light. The moon waned, but moon which was full shed delicate light. It was left about 27 km to Daehwa. The road was between mountains and mountains. Probably it was dawn, while surrounding was calm and moonlight like an animal's breathing sound spread around. All around the mountainside was covered with buckwheat flower fields, they looked like Spilled salt. Since the road was narrow, three people walked in a line. Bell's ringing Sound spread Cool and flaw with window. Leading Mr. Heo's telling Sound didn't exactly hear to Dongi, but it was not bad in its way.

"It was the night like now. A peddler's inn Was too hot to sleep. So Woke up and went to brook to take a shower. Bongpyeang is the same both in the past and now. There was no brook and just only clear, white buckwheat flowers. It was okay to take of my clothes but moonlight was very bright so I went to a mill to take of them. It was so weird. I met Miss Sung lady in there. She Was the best beauty in Bongpyeang."

"You would have been in luck."

He said, "Yes" and smoked cigarettes to save his breath. A delicate, purplish performance melt in night.

"She wasn't Waiting for me, but she wasn't waiting for Somebody. She was crying. Maybe her family got in trouble. If there Were a good household, she would get married, but it wasn't...... However, Crying girl is the most beautiful girl. At first, She looks like astonished, but soon we started to talk...... When I think about it now, it was a scary and unbelievable night."

It was the next day when I ran away to Jecheon."

"In the next market festival, her whole family disappeared. People in market said that she was sold to the bar. Rumors such as this spread all over the place. I Searched for her. But I couldn't. It was the first night and the last night. Since that night, I found Bongpyeang good, and attended there half of my life. Never forget it."

"It was good luck, and nobody says it is easy. Always get a fool and have a baby, worry more, I can't think it more....... But you know it's hard to be an itinerant vendor?"

"I will live with her....... I will walk this road and watch that moon until die."

At the end of the mountain path, another big road appeared. Dongi came to their line and they started to go across.

"You're young. Now is the prime time of your life. I'm sorry for you, so please don't think it is bad."

"You're welcome, It's such a shame. Why the girl? 99% of my thinking is my mama."

His voice was low because he was lost by Mr. Heo's story.

"It was boosting my heart about the parents' story but don't have father but only mother."

"Did he pass away?"

"He was absent at first."


Mr. Heo and Mr. Joe laughed. Dongi had to insist seriously.

"I was not going to set this, because of shame, but it's true. My mom was turned out of doors after giving birth to me without full child-bearing period. It's funny but because of this, I haven't known my Dad's face and his hometown."

There was an uphill road, so they got off out of donkey. Uphill was steep and tough, they didn't talk. Donkey slipped often. Mr. Heo necessarily needed a break time to draw his breath. His age proved it when he passed the uphill. He envied young blood Dongi. He perspired a lot. There was a brook right after hill. Because of the rain before, they had to take off their belts. They became naked when they took off their pants. They dived to brook. It was hot due to sweat. Cold water attacked their bones.

"Yeah, and who bringing up you?"

"My mom inevitably got a stepfather and started to drink. My stepfather was an alcoholic. I got beaten every now and then. When mom tried to stop him, he kicked her and wielded a knife to her. How can my house be? So, I ran away from home and doing like today."

"I thought you were okay, but you have a sad past."

Water was deep and reached their waist. It was so tough and slippery that they made a mistake, they almost fell down. Donkey and Mr. Joe crossed quickly, but Dongi was late because he held Mr. Heo.

"Is your mom's hometown originally Jaecheon?"

"Maybe, not exactly, but I heard it's Bongpyeong."

"Bongpyeong? Huh, what's your father's family name?"

"I don't know. Cause I didn't hear that."

"Umm, that's right."

Then, Mr. Heo missed his foot. He struggled in the water. When Dongi came, his clothes got wet already. It was more miserable than a wet dog. Dongi could take Mr. Heo or his back easily. Although he was wet, he was so thin that Dongi can take him.

"Oh no. I lost my soul."

"Don't worry."

"Okay, your mom seems not to seek him?"

"She says she wants to meet him once."

"Where's she?"

"She's in Jecheon alone."

"I'm supposed to meet her. Work the land, we can make a living."

"Hah. Good idea, in the Autumn?"

Dong's back was feeling warm to Heo. The moment they all crossed river, he wanted to be taken up by him more.

"Why you mistake a lot today, Heo?" Looking at him, Mr. Joe laughed loudly.

"It's a donkey, lost my footing on account of thinking about that donkey. Didn't I say? That donkey had a baby at Gangreung's female donkey. How cute my donkey is."

I walk my town to see donkey.

"How great donkey to make you fall down."

They squeezed Mr. Heo's clothes enough. It was so Cold, but heart was greatly light.

"Go to market safely. Rest with fire nearby. Give warm water to your donkeys. Tomorrow, I'll go to Jecheon."

"Mr. Heo, you too?”

"I want to go there, want to go with me, Doing?"

When donkey started to walk, Dongi's whip was on his left that. Mr. Heo saw that. Light of foot and bell rang greatly.

The moon had almost set.