The Complete Works of Swami Nigamananda

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Yoga theory[edit]

Hata Yoga and Laya Yoga[edit]

Swami Nigamananda engaged himself in the practice of "Hata Yoga" (हठ योग) as instructed by his Yoga guru Sumeru Das. According to Nigamananda the practice of "Hata Yoga" can be carried out when the body is made fit for the purpose the body should be cleansed first of the impurities through "Sat Sadhana" (सट साधना) i.e. the six elementary practices of Yoga. The practices of "Hata Yoga" can make the body strong which can enable it to survive for a period of about four hundred years or more, whereas "Laya Yoga"(लय योग) helps the aspirant to attain union with the supreme. If the body is not kept purified both externally and internally through the practices of "Hata Yoga", the succeeding steps of "Laya Yoga" would yield no result.

Karmic Theory[edit]


Mukti (Salvation)[edit]

Dharana and Dhyan[edit]

Sampragyat Samadhi[edit]


Nirvikalpa Samadhi[edit]

Theory of life after death[edit]

Process of thinking on death[edit]

Preventing fear for death[edit]

Preta Lok, Pitru Lok and Par Lok[edit]

Type of death[edit]

Prevention of suicide[edit]

Pret World[edit]

Astral World[edit]

Wishing death[edit]


Arya Darpan[edit]

Bhakta Sammilani[edit]

Saraswata Granthavali[edit]



Letter conversations with disciples and speeches[edit]

Conversations with renowned spiritual leader, Dr Annie Beasant[edit]