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Official Minutes of Northern Division.

Regular bi-monthly meeting held at Haywards, Cal., with W. Otto Emerson presiding. W. H. Kobbe of Ft. Mason, San Francisco, was elected to active membership. Bills amounting to $3.73 for current expenses were allowed the secretary. The names of Cloud Rutter of Stanford University and Lawrence Kessing of Alameda were proposed for active membership. Votes of thanks were tendered the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences, G. Frean Morcom, H. R. Taylor, R. H. Beck and H. W. Carriger for donations to the club. A half-tone of the adopted club crest was ordered made at once. A petition to change the present name of the Bulletin to that of "The Condor" was introduced in writing, unanimously passed, and referred to the Southern Division for action. If adopted, this change will take effect with the January issue. Mr. Barlow read a letter from W. H. Osgood, dated Dawson City. Papers were read as follows: "A Northern Record for the Black-chinned Sparrow," by D. A. Cohen; "A Night at Sea," by A. W. Anthony: "Lassoing a California Vulture," by F. Stephens, and "Nesting of Parus rufescens in Washington," by W. H. Kobbe. Adjourned to meet Nov. 4.

C. Barlow, Division Secretary.