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Official Minutes of Southern Division.

The August meeting of the Southern Division was held Aug. 3 at 403 Bradbury Block, Los Angeles, Pres. McCormick presiding. Seven members were present. The following members were dropped from the roll for non-payment of dues: Roy B. Blackman, R. L. Garnier, F. B. Jewett, Bert Robbins, B. H. Swales, L. P. Williams and Otto J. Zahn. The name of H. H. Dunn of Fullerton was proposed for active membership by Mr. Daggett. Messrs. Swarth and Robertson were appointed a committee to arrange for the October outing meeting. Mr. Daggett gave an interesting account of his trip to Mt. Whitney and read extracts from a letter recently received from Jos. Grinnell, now at Cape Nome, Alaska. The following papers were read: "The Flycatchers of Arizona," (embracing the Sulphur-bellied, Olivaceous and Buff-breasfed) by O. W. Howard; "Notes on the Gray-crowned Leucosticte in the Vicinity of Mr. Whitney," by Daggett, and two papers from the Northern Division. Howard Robertson, Division Secretary.