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Blackbirds Flocking.—In the May, 1922, issue of The Condor (p. 93) mention is made of the Yellow-headed Blackbird flocking with Brewer Blackbirds. It is not an unusual occurrence here to see a combined flock of Brewer and Red-winged Blackbirds, Cowbirds and one or two Yellow-heads all feeding together on the ground, generally about the early part of May. By that time the Cowbirds have arrived and the other several species have not yet scattered to their widely differing nesting grounds. On May 3, this year, I passed by one bull lying out in the pasture with an attendant group of three or four Cowbirds and one Yellow-headed Blackbird, though I cannot say I saw the latter perch on the bull's back like the Cowbirds.—L. B. Potter, Eastend, Saskatchewan, July 8, 1922.