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July.—The Northern Division of the Cooper Ornithological Club met at the usual place and hour on July 27. Pres. Swarth presided and the following members were present: Mesdames Allen, Ferguson, Grinnell, Kelly, Steilberg; Miss Pringle and Miss Flinn; Messrs. Bunker, Cooper, Dixon, Evermann, Hunt, Willard Grinnell, L. H. Miller, Storer, Swarth, and Wright. Among the visitors were Mrs. Bunker, Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Slack, and Mr. Jaeger.

June minutes from the Northern and Southern divisions were read and the former approved. Mr. Edmund Carroll Jaeger, 146 W. 6th St., Riverside, was proposed for membership by H. S. Swarth, and Mr. Clark Blickensderfer, 850 Grant St., Denver, Colorado, by Tracy I. Storer.

Dr. Evermann reported the departure of scientists who have undertaken an expedition to the islands off the coast of Mexico and southern California under the joint auspices of the Mexican Government, the California Academy of Sciences, and the U. S. Bureau of Research to investigate as to the presence of fur seals.

Prof. Loye Holmes Miller then gave an outline of the materials so far available to students of fossil birds in California. Adjourned.—Amelia. S. Allen, Secretary Northern Division.

August.—The regular meeting of the Northern Division of the Cooper Ornithological Club was held at the usual place and hour on August 24, 1922. Mr. Swarth was in the chair and the following members and friends were present: Messrs. Bell, Bunker, Chas. Bryant, Cooper, Dice, Grinnell, Hunt, Mailliard, Storer, and Stow; Misses Atsatt, Burk, Flinn; Mesdames Allen, Bogle, Davenport, Grinnell, Kelly, Mead, Roe, and Schlesinger. Visitors were: Mrs. Bunker, Mrs. Nimmo, and Mr. Hatt.

Minutes of the July meeting were read and approved, and the following names were presented: Miss Ethel M. Archer, R. D. 4, Anaheim, Miss Althea McIntyre and Miss Marietta Martin, 1345 P St., Fresno, by Miss S. R. Atsatt, and Mr. George W. Moore, 318 E. 9th St., Tulsa, Oklahoma, by W. A. Strong. Business completed, the members present contributed observations from different localities visited during the summer. Adjourned.—Amelia S. Allen, Secretary.

September.—The regular meeting of the Cooper Ornithological Club, Northern Division, was held at the usual time and place on September 27. Vice-President Cooper was in the chair and the following members were present: Mesdames Allen, Bogle, Davenport, Reygadas, and Schlesinger; Misses Atsatt, Ayer, Burk, Flinn, Gunn, Woodruff, and Wythe; Messrs. Bassett, Bryant, Cooper, Evermann, Gignoux, Storer, and Wright. Visitors were: Mrs. Bassett, Miss Bassett, and Miss Cooper.

Minutes of the August meeting were read and approved and the July minutes of the Southern Division were read. Applications for membership were received from Mrs. Nina M. Slack, 304 E. 16th St., Oakland, sponsored by Amelia S. Allen; Mr. Kenneth McLeod, Jr., 2324 Vine St., Berkeley, sponsored by J. Grinnell; Miss Edna M. Fisher, 2410 Fulton St., Berkeley, sponsored by Tracy I. Storer, and Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Thomas, 2022 Francisco St., Berkeley, sponsored by Amelia S. Allen. The Southern Division submitted the name of Mr. George Frean Morcom for honorary membership in the Club, final action to be taken at the October meeting.

Business completed, the club listened to an account of a motor trip through the North-west by Mr. F. N. Bassett. Adjourned.—Amelia S. Allen, Secretary.


July.—Regular monthly meeting of Cooper Ornithological Club, Southern Division, was held July 27, 1922, at the usual hour and place. Dr. Rich presided, with the following members present: Mesdames Brown, Law, Schneider, and Warmer; Misses Ellis, Potter, Delphia Miller, and Mary Mann Miller; Messrs. Allen, Chambers, Colburn, Girvin, Grinnell, Hanaford, Hart, Howard, Howell, Law, Little, Millard, Robertson, Trewhella, Warmer, and Wyman. Visitors were: Mesdames Anthony, Trewhella, Vaughn and Wyman, and Mr. Hill.

Minutes of the June meeting were read and approved, while reading of Northern Division minutes for May and June, on proper motion, was omitted. Applications for membership were: Clifford M. Drury, 2407 Dana St., Berkeley, by Dr. Warmer; Raymond A. Campbell, Huntington Beach, and H. R. Hill, 815 W. 37th St., Los Angeles, by L. E. Wyman. The Northern Division sent the names of Frank O. Adams and Frank Bacon.

The following proposition was read by the Secretary: "We, the undersigned active members of the Cooper Ornithological Club hereby propose for Honorary Membership in the Club, George Frean Morcom. We believe this to be an appropriate way of recognizing Mr. Morcom's long and loyal support of the Club and of its ideals." Signed: W. Lee Chambers, Guy C. Rich, O. W. Howard, J. Eugene Law, Howard Robertson.

Mr. J. Grinnell then read a paper entitled "An Inquiry into the Supposed Decrease of Bird Life in California." He placed the subject in a new and interesting light, and the general and lengthy discussion that followed closed the session. Adjourned.—L. E. Wyman, Secretary Southern Division.

August—Regular meeting of Cooper Ornithological Club, Southern Division, was held at Los Angeles Museum at 8 P. M. August 31, Dr. Rich presiding. Other members present were: Mrs. Brown; Messrs. Appleton, Bramkamp, Campbell, Chambers, de Laubenfels, Hill, Howell, Lamb, Law, Miller, L. Peyton and Wyman. Visitors were: Miss Vaughn, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Wyman, and Alden Miller.

Minutes of July meeting were read and approved. New presentations were: Mrs. Joseph Anthony, 629 No. Belmont Ave., Los Angeles, by Mrs. Schneider; Frederick C. Lincoln, Biological Survey, Washington, D. C., Margaret W. Boardman, 1239 W. 11th St., Los Angeles, Helena Krause, 820 26th St., San Diego, and Grace A. Hill, 2143 Cedar St., Berkeley, all by Mr. Chambers; Mabel Adelaide Myers, 617 W. Center St., Anaheim, by Mr. Pierce; Edmund C. Jaeger, 1462 W. 6th St., Riverside, by Mr. Swarth. The Northern Divisidn sent the names of Dr. C. H. Wood and Clark Blickensderfer.

A circular from Dr. E. W. Nelson, Chief of the Biological Survey, explanatory of the proposed "Public Shooting Ground Game Refuge Bill", was read by the Secretary. Mr. Law moved that the Southern Division of the Club go on record as favoring this bill, and that the California Fish and Game Commission be advised of this action. Seconded by Mr. Chambers, and carried. Inspection of a miscellaneous lot of Alaskan birds, aid the attendant general discussion, ended the session. Adjourned.—L. E. Wyman, Secretary.

September.—Regular meeting of Cooper Ornithological Club, Southern Division, was held at 3 P. M., September 24, at the home of Dr. L. H. Miller, Los Angeles. President Rich held the chair. Twenty-three members and eight visitors were present.

Minutes of the August meeting were read and approved, while those of the Northern Division for July and August were read by title only. Mr. Chambers presented the names of Perley Arthur Smoll, 822 E. Monument St., Colorado Springs, Colo.; Harvey T. Kimball, Magma Copper Co., Superior, Ariz.; Archibald Douglas Henderson, Belvedere, Alberta, Canada; and Karl A. Pember, Woodstock, Vt. Charles L. Whittle presented the name of Charles Benton Floyd, 454 Wolcott St., Auburndale, Mass.; Mrs. Marion Ware Low, 27 La Brea St., Hollywood; and Laurence Brown Fletcher, 57 Catswold Road, Brookline, Mass. Karl R. Coolidge, Box 12, Hollywood, was sponsored by Mr. van Rossera. The name of George W. Morse came from the Northern Division.

A letter from the California Fish and Game Commission, defining their attitude toward the Public Shooting Ground Game Refuge bill, was read by the Secretary. This shed new light on the subject, and on motion of Mr. Law, seconded by Dr. Miller, the members voted to hold in abeyance further action relative to the proposed bill.

A complimentary membership card in the Los Angeles Audubon Society, made out to the Club, was presented by the Secretary. Dr. Miller moved that the Secretary be instructed to write to the Audubon Society a letter of appreciation of the honor conferred. Seconded by Miss Miller; carried.

The meeting then adjourned to the informality of the customary watermelon feast and general sociability. Adjourned.—L. E. Wyman, Secretary.