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Notes from Southwestern New Mexico.—White-winged Scoter (Oidemia deglandi). An adult female was brought to me November 10, 1921. It had been taken from a flock of six, on a small irrigation pond on Duck Creek, thirty miles northwest of Silver City. None of our local shooters remember to have taken this species in this country.

Zone-tailed Hawk (Buteo abbreviatus). From Tyrone, Grant County, New Mexico, a fine adult female was brought to me on April 15, 1922. Another was seen on several occasions in the same locality. I have never before seen this species in ten years careful collecting in southwestern New Mexico.

Arizona Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis superbus). On May 8, 1922, at Red Rock, Grant County, New Mexico, these Cardinals were abundant, at least a dozen being seen, and a pair taken. The Gila River comes out of a tight "box" just northeast of Red Rock, and at that point their distribution up the river seems to end.

White-winged Dove (Melopelia asiatica). At Red Rock on the same date as above. I took a male of this species. Ranchmen told me that these birds had appeared in this locality in the spring of the previous year (1921), but that they had never been noticed before that time.—R. T. Kellogg, Silver City, New Mexico, July 13, 1922.