The Condor/24 (6)/Two Birds from the Bitterroot Valley, Montana

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Two Birds from the Bitterroot Valley, Montana.—Ross Goose (Chen rossi). As most of the records of this goose in Montana are from points east of the divide, it seems worth while to record one that was taken at Corvallis, October 10, 1911. The specimen is a female, and is now in the Zoological Museum, University of Minnesota.

Rough-legged Hawk (Archibuteo lagopus sancti-johannis). Through an oversight I omitted this species from the list sent to Mr. Saunders several years ago. There is a specimen, a male bird, taken by the writer at Corvallis, January 10, 1910, in the Museum collection at the University of Minnesota. The species was a fairly common winter visitant in this vicinity.—Bernard Bailey, Elk River, Minnesota, June 2, 1922.