The Confessions of Saint Augustine (Outler)

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For other English-language translations of this work, see Confessions (Augustine).
Manuscript on vellum. Germany, first half 13th century.


  • Introduction
  • Testimony
  • Book I - Infancy and boyhood up to age 14.
  • Book II - Fall amongst bad companions, which led to thievery and lust.
  • Book III - Studies at Carthage, conversion to Manichaeism, and continued indulgence in lust (age 16-19).
  • Book IV - Loss of a friend and studies in Aristotle and the fit and the fair (age 20-29).
  • Book V - Moving away from Manichaeism under the influence of St. Ambrose in Milan (age 29).
  • Book VI - Moving towards Catholicism under the influence of St. Ambrose (age 30).
  • Book VII - Moving towards a greater understanding of God (age 31).
  • Book VIII - Conversion to Christianity and instruction by Simplicianus on how to convert others (age 32).
  • Book IX - Baptism, the death of his mother Monica, and the death of his friends Nebridius and Vecundus, and his abandonment of his studies of rhetoric (age 33)
  • Book X - Continued reflections on the values of confessions and on the workings of memory, as related to the 5 senses.
  • Book XI - Reflections on Genesis and searching for the meaning of time.
  • Book XII - Continued reflections on the book of Genesis.
  • Book XIII - Exploration of the meaning of Genesis and the Trinity.

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