The Czechoslovak Review/Volume 2/Organization changes

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Delegates elected in February by the conventions of the Bohemian National Alliance and the Slovak League met at Cleveland on March 9 to carry into effect the vote for a closer co-operation of the Czechs and Slovaks in the United States. The work which is to be done in common was placed in charge of four committees. One committee of which Charles Pergler is the executive head will look after the political and consular interests of the Czechoslovaks. Headquarters have since been opened in Washington, 717 Fourteenth St. , N. W. Publicity work which has been carried on heretofore by Mr. Pergler and Mr. G. H. Mika from the Slav Press Bureau in New York has also been transferred to Washington and will be under the charge of Mr. Mika. The remaining two branches of the work have necessarily been located in New York. One is the recruiting activity for the Czechoslovak Army in France, in charge of Captain Zdenko Fierlinger and other officers who are expected from France at any moment. Closely connected with it is the relief work on behalf of the soldiers and their families. This work is carried on under the direction of Mrs. Caroline Motak.

The concentration of the political and press work in Washington has made it advisable to move there also the press bureau of the Bohemian National Alliance which has kept the readers of the Bohemian papers in this country in close touch with events in Bohemia and the progress of the move ment for independence in the Allied lands. Mr. Joseph Tvrzický who has been secretary of the Alliance almost from its foundation and has acted in addition as the director of the Bohemian Press Bureau has moved to the headquarters of the Czechoslovak National Council in Washington to continue his work from there.

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