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A Semi-Monthly Journal of


10 cts. a copy.} Office: 24 Adams St.
82. a year.} Stevens Building.


Harper's Magazine FOR AUGUST. Riders of Tunis. Illustrations. By Colonel T. A. DODGE. With Greenwich Village. By THOMAS A. JANVIER. With 15 Illustrations. The Cock Lane Ghost. A Story. By HOWARD PYLE. With 13 Illustrations by the author. The Handsome Humes. A Novel. By WILLIAM BLACK. Part III. With an Illustration by WILL- IAM SMALL. His Bad Angel. A Story. By RICHARD HARDING DAVIS. With an Illustration by C. D. GIBSON. Polyeuct and Pauline. A Poem. By E. W. LATI- MER. With an Illustration (frontispiece) by Luc OLIVIER MERSON. Italian Gardens. By CHARLES A. PLATT. Part II. With 11 Illustrations. Horace Chase. A Novel. By CONSTANCE FENIMORE WOOLSON. Part VIII. Bride Roses. Scene. By W. D. HOWELLS. With an Illustration by W. H. HYDE. A Queer Little Family on the Bittersweet. By WILLIAM HAMILTON GIBSON. With Illustrations by the author. A Cast of the Net. A Story. By HERBERT D. WARD. With 4 Illustrations by W. T. SMEDLEY. Black Water and Shallows. By FREDERIC REM- INGTON. With 5 Illustrations by the author. The Dead Lover. A Roumanian Folk-Song. By R. H. STODDARD. A Landscape by Constable. A Story. By F. MARY WILSON. With 2 Illustrations by C. S. REINHART. At the Hermitage. A Story. A Lament for the Birds. COOPER. Editorial Departments as usual. Subscription Price, $4-00 a Year. By E. LEVI BROWN. By SUSAN FENIMORE Booksellers and Postmasters usually receive Subscriptions. Subscriptions sent direct to the publishers should be accompanied by Post-office Money Order or Draft. When no time is speci- fied, Subscriptions will begin with the current number. Postage free to all subscribers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Harper & Brothers' RECENT BOOKS. The Refugees. A Tale of Two Continents. By A. CONAN DOYLE, author of " Micah Clarke." Illus- trated by T. DE THULSTRUP. Post 8vo, cloth, orna- mental, $1.75. The Complaining Millions of Men. A Novel. By EDWARD FULLER. Post 8vo, cloth, ornamental, $1.25. Picture and Text. By HENRY JAMES. With Portrait and Illustrations. 16mo, cloth, ornamental, $1.00. (In series, " Harper's American Essayists. page 54 THE DIAL [Aug. 1, 1893. D. APPLETON & Co:s NEW BOOKS. The Life of Sir Richard F. Burton. By his Wife, ISABEL BURTON. With numerous Portraits, Illustrations and Maps, and two colored Plates. In 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, $12.00. The career of the late Sir Richard F. Burton, the distinguished traveler, and editor of "The Arabian Nights," was perhaps the most adventurous and romantic of any Englishman of the last generation. He was an encyclopedic scholar, and much more than a scholar. He knew and had seen more of dark Africa than most men, and more of Mohammedan lands than any man. It seemed a simple thing for him to travel in disguise among fanatics where discovery meant death, but his life was manysided, and his biography illustrates a remarkable va- riety of interests. Lady Burton has proved her literary ability before, and in these volumes she has done justice to an exceptional opportunity. Camp=Fires of a Naturalist. By CLARENCE E. EDWORDS. The Story of Fourteen Expe- ditions after North American Mammals. From the Field Notes of LEWIS LINDSAY DYCHE, A. M., M. S., Professor of Zoology and Curator of Birds and Mammals in the Kansas State University. With numerous Illustrations. 12mo, cloth, $1.50. This book sketches big game hunting in the West from a new point of view. The author describes the actual adventures and experiences of a naturalist who has hunted from Mexico to the northern confines of British Columbia, pursuing grizzly bears, mountain sheep, elk, moose, and other rare game. As an outdoor book of camping and hunting this possesses a timely interest, but it also has the merit of scientific exact- ness in the description of the habits, peculiarities, and haunts of wild animals. The Health Resorts of Europe. A Medical Guide to the Mineral Springs, Climatic, Mountain, and Seaside Health Resorts, Milk, Whey, Grape, Earth, Mud, Sand, and Air Cures of Europe. By THOMAS LINN, M. D. With an Introduction by T. M. COAN, M. D. 12mo, cloth, $1.50. A History of Crustacea. By Rev. THOMAS R. R. STEBBING, M. A., author of " The Naturalist of Cumbrae," "The Challenger Amphipoda," etc. With numerous Illustrations. Vol. 71, International Scientific Series. 12mo, cloth, $2.00. " It is not very generally known that the species of Crustacea extend to a number of several thousands. . . . The beginner will have provinces of a new world opened to his exploration. There is curiosity to be gratified. The sporting instinct will discover many an unexhausted territory. In the manners and customs of the creatures there is much to afford entertainment, and almost every new observer finds something singular to relate." From the Preface. The Story of My Life. By GEORO EBERS, author of " Uarda," " An Egyptian Prin- cess," "A Thorny Path," etc. With portraits. 16mo, cloth, $1.25. General Green. By Col. FRANCIS V. GREEN, author of " The Russian Army and Its Campaigns in Turkey," etc. The fourth volume in the Great Commanders Series, edited by Gen. JAMES GRANT WILSON. With portrait and maps. 12mo, cloth, gilt top, $1.50. General Nathanael Green has been termed " the most remarkable man, all things considered, among the soldiers of the Revolution," and it has been said that there was "no one whose reputation and advance- ment can with more justice be attributed exclusively to personal merit." His biography, which has been written in a clear, incisive, always inter- esting style by Francis Vinton Green, whose literary reputation was established by his book, "The Russian Army and its Campaigns in Turkey m 1877-'8," presents a vivid picture of campaigns which extended from Newport to Georgia, and involved the larger part of the military history of the Revolution. Many Inventions. By RUDYARD KIPLING. Containing fourteen stories, sev- eral of which are now published for the first time, and two poems. 12mo, 427 pages, cloth, $1.50. " ' Many Inventions ' will confirm Mr. Kipling's reputation. . . . We could cite with pleasure sentences from almost every page, and extract incidents from almost every story. But to what end ? Here is the completest book that Mr. Kipling has yet given us in workmanship, the weightiest and most humane in breadth of view." Pall Mall Ga- zette. " Mr. Kipling's powers as a story-teller are evidently not diminishing. We advise everybody to buy ' Many Inventions ' and to profit by some of the best entertainment that modern fiction has to offer." New York 8vn. " ' Many Inventions ' will be welcomed wherever the English language is spoken. . . . Every one of the stories bears the imprint of a master who conjures up incident as if by magic, and who portrays character, scenery, and feeling with an ease which is only exceeded by the bold- ness of force." Boston Globe. The Simple Adventures of a Memsahib. A new book by SARA JEANNETTE DUNCAN, author of " A Social Departure" and "An American Girl in London." With many illustrations by F. H. TOWNSEND. 12mo, cloth, $1.50. " It is like traveling without leaving one's armchair to read it. Miss Duncan has the descriptive and narrative gift in large measure, and she brings vividly before us the street scenes, the interiors, the bewilder- ingly queer natives, the gayeties of the English colony." Philadelphia Telegraph. "It will keep you amused to the three hundred and eleventh page." Davenport Democrat. " A clever story, full of humor and shrewd observation of character, and worthy of the author of 'A Social Departure."' Christian at Work. A Border Leander. By HOWARD SEELY. 12mo, flexible cloth, with special design in green and silver, 75 cents. The popularity of Messrs. D. Appleton & Co.'s dainty Summer Fic- tion Series insures a welcome for the attractive and enlarged form of the series this year. "A Border Leander," the first volume in this series, is a picturesque Western romance abounding in incident and humor. In their new form these volumes will be found desirable for preservation in the library as well as for summer reading. RECENT ISSUES IN APPLETONS' TOWN AND COUNTRY LIBRARY Each, 12mo. Paper, 50cts.; chth, $1.00. From the Five Rivers. By Mrs. F. A. STEELE. The Tutor's Secret. By VICTOR CHERBULIEZ, author of "Samuel Brohl and Company," "Saints and Sinners," etc. Lucia, Hugh, and Another. By Mrs. J. H. NEEDELL, author of "Stephen Ellicott's Daughter," etc. Suspected. By LOUISA STRATENUS. Singularly Deluded. By the author of " Ideala." For sale by all Booksellers, or sent by mail, on receipt of price, by the Publishers, D. APPLETON & CO., Nos. 1, ?, & 5 Bond Street, New York. page

78 THE DIAL [Aug. 16, 1893. MACMILLAN AND Co.'S NEW BOOKS. Just Published. In Similar Style to the Issues of the Novels of Jane Austen and the Brontes. The Novels of Henry Fielding. Edited, with an Introductory Memoir, by GEORGE SAINTSBURY, and Portrait and Illustrations by HERBERT RAILTON and E. J. WHEELER. To be completed in twelve 16mo volumes. Now Ready. Volumes I. and II. JOSEPH ANDREWS. 2 vols., $1.00 each.

  • j|t *Also a Large-paper Limited Edition, on hand-made paper, at 93.00 per vol.

Just Published. New and Cheaper Edition. THE MEMORIES OF DEAN HOLE. mo, cloth, $2.25. New Edition. Completed and Largely Re-written. A STUDY OF THE WORKS OF LORD TENNYSON. By EDWARD CAMPBELL TAINSH. New Edition. 12mo, cloth, $1.75. Just Published. 12mo, doth, $1.75. THE COMEDIES OF T. MACCIUS PLAUTUS. Translated in the original metres by EDWARD H. SUGDEN, B.A., B.Sc. 12mo, cloth, $1.75. Just Beady. New Volume in the Series of Twelve English Statesmen. EDWARD THE FIRST. By Professor T. F. TOUT. 12mo, cloth, cut, 60 cents ; cloth, uncut, 75 cents. Just Published. 16mo, cloth, gilt top, gilt extra, $1.35. THE MAXIMS AND REFLECTIONS OF GOETHE. Translated by BAILEY SAUNDERS. With a Preface. Kimo, cloth, gilt, gilt extra, $1.25. Completion of the New Edition of THE CAMBRIDGE SHAKESPEARE. Edited by WILLIAM ALDIS WRIGHT. Vol. IX., 8vo, $3.00. The Set, nine volumes, in box, $27.00. WILLIAM GEORGE WARD AND THE CATHOLIC REVIVAL. By WILFRID WARD, author of "William George Ward and the Oxford Movement." 8vo, $3.00. SOME FURTHER RECOLLECTIONS OF A HAPPY LIFE. Selected from the Journals of MARIANNE NORTH, chiefly between the years 1859 and 1869. Edited by her Sister, Mrs. JOHN ADDINGTON SYMONDS. With Portraits. 12mo, $3.50. NEW NOVELS. Just Published. 12mo, $1.00. CHARLOTTE M. YONGE'S NEW STORY, GRISLY GRISELL; OR, THE LAIDLY LADY OF WHITBURN. A Tale of the Wars of the Roses. 12mo, cloth, $1.00. By the same Author. STROLLING PLAYERS. A HARMONY OF CONTRASTS. By CHARLOTTE M. YONGE, author of " Heir of Redclyffe," and CHRISTABEL R. COLERIDGE. 12mo, cloth, $1.00. Just Ready. 12mo, $1.00. THE GREAT CHIN EPISODE. By PAUL GUSHING, author of " Cut by His Own Diamond," etc. 12mo, cloth, $1.00. THE ODD WOMEN. By GEORGE GISSING, author of " Denzil Quarrier," "The Nether World," etc. 12mo, $1.00. THE REAL THING, and Other Stories. By HENRY JAMES, author of " The Lesson of the Master," etc. 12mo, $1.00. Uniform with the 10-volume Edition of Jane Austen 1 s Works . THE NOVELS AND POEMS OF CHARLOTTE, EMILY, and ANNE BRONTE. In 12 1 limo volumes. With Portrait and 36 Illustrations in photogravure, after drawings by H. S. "Greig. Price, $1 .00 each. To be issued monthly. Now Ready. Vols. I. and II., JANE EYRE, 2 vols., $1.00 each. Vols. III. and IV., SHIRLEY, 2 vols., $1.00 each. Vols. V. and VI., VILETTE, 2 vols., $1.00 each.

      • Also, a Large-paper Limited Edition, on hand-made

paper, at $3.00 per volume. A New Novel by F. MARION CRAWFORD. PIETRO GHISLERI. By F. MARION CRAWFORD, author of "Saracinesca," "Mr. Isaacs," etc., etc. 12mo, cloth, $1.00. New editions of F. Marion Crawford's Novels in uniform binding. 12mo, cloth, $1.00 each. A ROMAN SINGER. TO LEEWARD. AN AMERICAN POLITICIAN. PAUL PATOFF. BOOK REVIEWS, a Monthly Journal devoted to New and Current Publications. Price, 5 cents. Yearly Subscription, 50 cents. MACMILLAN & CO., PUBLISHERS, NEW YORK.