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Darrel, George, Australian actor, dramatist and manager, began his professional career with Simonson's Opera Company in New Zealand; but, on migrating to Melbourne, took to the regular dramatic profession, earning some distinction as a juvenile supporter of the once idolised Walter Montgomery. He married Mrs. Robert Hair (née Fanny Cathcart), the admirable tragédienne, and subsequently visited professionally America and England, where, at the Grand Theatre, Islington, he produced his play The Sunny South. Mr. Darrel is the author of a number of Australian melodramas, including The Struggle for Freedom, Transported for Life, Book from the Grave, The Forlorn Hope, The Sunny South, The Squatter, The Soggarth, etc., and at least half a dozen dramatisations of popular novels. Mr. Darrel's first wife died some years ago at Melbourne, where she was held in great esteem; and he has since married a young actress belonging to one of his New Zealand companies, who has appeared in many of his more recent productions.