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Glasgow, His Excellency the Right Hon. David (Boyle), Earl of, G.C.M.G., Governor of New Zealand, is the eldest son of the late Patrick Boyle, of Shewalton, Ayrshire, by his marriage with Mary Frances, daughter of Sir Robert Dalrymple Horn Elphinstone, Bart. He was born on May 31st, 1833; and entering the royal navy, served through the Crimean war, during which he was wounded. Later on he retired with the rank of captain. He married on July 23rd, 1873, Dorothea Elizabeth Thomasina, eldest daughter of Sir Edward Hunter Blair, Bart., and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of George Wauchope. In 1892 Lord Onslow, the late Governor of New Zealand, having decided to retire, the appointment was offered to Lord Glasgow and accepted by him. The Ballance Government immediately on the occurrence of the vacancy conveyed to the Colonial Office the wish that they should be consulted prior to a final appointment being made. As this was disregarded, something in the nature of a protest was made against Lord Glasgow s appointment, but it was in no way dictated by personal disapproval, and merely related to the principles regulating the method of such appointments. Lord Glasgow left for New Zealand, viâ Sydney, in April 1892, and was received with much effusion on his landing in June. His family had already formed a connection with the colony, his cousin, Alexander Boyle, having married in 1883 Fannie, daughter of Michael Studholme, of the Waimate, Canterbury, N.Z. His aunt having become the wife of the late Sir Charles Dalrymple Fergusson, of Kilkerran, Lord Glasgow is first cousin to Sir James Fergusson, formerly Governor of New Zealand (q.v.). He was also cousin to the late George Elphinstone Dalrymple, first Speaker of the Queensland Legislative Assembly. Lord Glasgow was for many years convener of the county of Ayr, but was not prominent in English politics, though professing moderate Conservative views. He succeeded his cousin as sixth earl in 1889.