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Morgan, Hon. Sir William, K.C.M.G., M.L.C., sometime Premier of South Australia, was a native of England, and emigrated to South Australia, where he arrived in Feb. 1849. He engaged in mercantile and pastoral pursuits, and was elected to the Legislative Council in 1867, and remained a member of the Upper House throughout his political career. He was Chief Secretary in Mr. (afterwards Judge) Boucaut's Ministry from June 1875 to March 1876, and took a leading part in giving effect to the public works policy associated with the latter gentleman's name. His retirement from the Boucaut Ministry, with a view of devoting himself to his private affairs, was one of the causes which necessitated the reconstruction of the Government. In Oct. 1877 Mr. Morgan again joined Mr. Boucaut as Chief Secretary, and held office under his premiership until Sept. 1878, when Mr. Boucaut accepted a seat on the Bench, and Mr. Morgan himself became head of the Government, holding office until March 1881, when a number of changes were made in the personnel of the Cabinet, which in its new shape only lasted till June 1881. Subsequently Mr. Morgan, who was created K.C.M.G., re-visited England, where he died in 1883. Sir William married, in 1854, Harriett, daughter of Thomas Matthews, of Hard's Hill, Coromandel Valley, S.A., who resides in Adelaide.