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Petherick, Edward Augustus, F.L.S., F.R.G.S., is the eldest son of Peter John Petherick and grandson of Edward Jarman Petherick, R.N., of Bridgwater, and was born on March 6th, 1847, at Burnham, Somerset He went to Australia with his parents in 1852. Ten years later he entered the bookselling and publishing house of Mr. George Robertson, of Melbourne, and in 1870 was sent to London as buyer and representative of the firm and its correspondents in Australia and New Zealand. He is the editor of the "Torch" and "Colonial Book Circular", a guide to new books, English and American, including publications relating to or issued in the British colonies. Mr. Petherick has done much bibliographical work, among which may be mentioned a "Bibliography of Australasia," now in course of publication, and a "Catalogue of the York Gate Library" (S. W. Silver), issued in 1882 and extended and reissued in 1886 as "An Index to the Literature of Geography and Travels in all Ages and Countries." He is also the author of a series of papers contributed to the Melbourne Review, treating especially of discovery in the Southern Hemisphere. He is head of the firm of E. A. Petherick & Co., booksellers, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and London, and possesses a large and valuable library of colonial works.