The Donkey and the Lion

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Of the asse and of the lyon

The grete callers by theyr hyghe and lowd crye supposen to make folke aferd / as recyteth this fable / Of an asse whiche somtyme mette with a lyon / to the whiche the asse sayd / lete vs clymme vpon the montayne / and I shalle shewe to the / how the beestes ben aferd of me / and the lyon beganne to smyle / and he ansuerd to the asse / Goo we my broder / And whan they were vpon the top of the hylle / the asse byganne to crye / And the foxe and hares beganne to flee / And whanne thasse sawe them flee sayd to the lyon / Seest thou not how these beestes dreden and doubten me / and the lyon sayde / I had ben also ferdfull of thy voys / yf I had not knowen veryly that thow arte but an asse /

And therfore men nede not doubte ne drede hym that auaunceth hym self for to do that that he can not doo / For god kepe the mone fro the wulues / Ne also men nede not doubte a foole for his menaces / ne for his hyghe crye