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Mush, moosh, Asiatic Turkey, the chief town of the Mush sanjak, vilayet of Bitlis, 79 miles south of Erzerum, near the Kara-su, the eastern affluent of the Euphrates. It is built on a plateau 4,800 feet above sea-level, rising on the south side of a mountain-girt and fertile plain. It is a dirty town, peopled by Turks and Armenian Christians. It has Gregorian and Roman Catholic bishops and an American Protestant mission and schools. A thriving trade is carried on in the tobacco, grape vine, wheat, and other agricultural products of the adjacent plain. Mush is mentioned by Xenophon and Moses of Khorene, and came into prominence in 1894, owing to the massacre of Armenians at Sasun in the neighborhood. Pop. about 20,000.