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Edition of 1920. See also Józef Brandt on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

BRANDT, Josef von, Polish painter: b. Szczebrzeszyn, 11 Feb. 1841. He first studied engineering in Paris, then took up painting at Munich as a pupil of Franz Adam and Karl Piloty and opened his own studio. His pictures mostly illustrate the soldier life of the 17th century, though he has painted also some excellent pictures of Polish peasant life. His works include ‘Polish Peasants at the Inn,’ ‘Episode of the Thirty Years' War,’ ‘The Battle with the Turks, near Vienna, 12 Sept. 1683,’ ‘Cossack Camp,’ ‘Tartar Battle,’ ‘Cossacks on the March,’ ‘Cossacks' Triumphal Song’ and ‘Defense of a Farmyard by Polish Cavalry,’ and ‘The Runaway,’ which in 1900 received a prize in the National Academy, New York.