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EMERY, Henry Crosby, American economist: b. Ellsworth, Me., 21 Dec. 1872. In 1892 he was graduated at Bowdoin and later studied at Harvard, Columbia and Berlin. From 1894 to 1900 he was instructor and professor of pohlical economy at Bowdoin and from 1901 to 1909 was professor of political economy at Yale. In 1909 he was made chairman of the United States Tariff Board, but returned to his chair at Yale in 1913. He has written ‘Speculation on the Stock and Produce Exchanges of the United States’ (in ‘Columbia University Studies’ (1896); ‘The Tariff Board and Its Work’ (1910); ‘The Work of the Tariff Board in Connection with the Cotton Industry’ (1911); ‘Politician, Party and People’ (1913); ‘Some Economic Aspects of War’ (1914).