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Edition of 1920. See also Anselm Feuerbach on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

FEUERBACH, foi'ėr-bäH, Anselm, German painter: b. Spires, 12 Sept. 1829; d. Venice, 4 Jan. 1880. He studied at the art schools of Düsseldorf and Munich, and later at Antwerp and Paris. He worked at Carlsruhe, Venice, Rome and Vienna. His Roman period was productive of several splendid works, in which are apparent his close study of the Italian masters. He became professor at the Vienna Academy in 1873, but disappointed at the reception of one of his works resigned and removed to Venice. Among his principal works are ‘Iphigenia’ (Stuttgart); ‘Dante at Ravenna’ (Carlsruhe); ‘Medea’ (Munich); ‘The Concert’ (Berlin); ‘The Battle of the Amazons,’ ‘Pieta’ (Munich); ‘Symposium of Plato’ (Carlsruhe); ‘Ariosto at Ferrara’ (Munich).