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FUERTES, Louis Agassiz, American painter of birds: b. Ithaca, N. Y., 7 Feb. 1874. He was graduated from Cornell University in 1897. His habitat bird groups in the American Museum of Natural History are one of the most attractive features of the institution. He made 25 decorative panels for F. F. Brewster of New Haven, Conn. He has illustrated ‘Birding on a Broncho’ (1896); ‘Citizen Bird’ (1897); ‘Song Birds and Water Fowl’ (1897); ‘Bird Craft’ (1897); ‘The Woodpeckers’ (1901); ‘Second Book of Birds’ (1901); ‘Birds of the Rockies’ (1902): ‘Handbook of Birds of Western North America’ (1902); ‘Coues' Key to North American Birds’; the plates for the ‘Report’ of the New York State Game, Forest and Fish Commission (1903); ‘Upland Game Birds’ (1902), and the companion volume, ‘Waterfowl’ (1903); New York State Museum, Eaton's ‘Birds of New York’ (1909-14); ‘Handbook of Birds of Eastern North America’ (1912), and much illustration for current magazines of ornithology, governmental reports, and many paintings privately owned, etc.