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KÜRSCHNER, kūrsh'nẽr, Joseph, German author and editor: b. Gotha, 20 Sept. 1853; d. on a journey to Huben, 29 July 1902. His first employment was in mechanical engineering, then he studied at the Leipzig University, thereupon (1875) living several years in Berlin. He managed the Stuttgart periodical Vom Fels zum Meer (1881-89) and founded Deutsche Nationalliteratur; he was appointed literary director of the Deutsche Verlagsantalt and removed (1893) to Eisenach. He devoted some time to compiling theatrical history, then became editor (1880-82) of Neue Zeit, official organ of German dramatical authors and composers, then (1885-86) he edited Deutsche Schriftstellerzeitung, etc. After editing several encyclopedias he compiled Allegemeiner deutscher Literaturkalendar from the fifths to 24th yearly issue. He wrote also ‘Konrad Ekhof’ (1872); ‘Heil Kaiser, dir!’ (1897); ‘Frau Musika’ (1898); ‘Kaiser Wilhelm II als Soldat und Seemann’ (1902).