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KELLER, Ferdinand, German painter: b. Karlsruhe, 5 Aug. 1842. He was educated at Karlsruhe; studied from nature in Brazil in 1857-62; was a student in landscape painting under Schirmer in Karlsruhe in 1862 and of figure painting under Canon in Karlsruhe in 1863; and studied in Rome in 1863-67. His works embrace Brazilian landscapes, allegorical and historical paintings and portraits. Among his sitters are members of the Imperial family. In 1881 he was appointed director of the school of art in Karlsruhe. His ‘Death of Phillip II’ (1867), won first prize at the International Art Exposition in Rio de Janiero and his ‘Burning of Rome under Nero’ was awarded a medal at the Vienna Exposition in 1873. Among other works are ‘Victory of Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm of Baden over the Turks at Salankamen, 1691’ (1879); ‘Hero Finding the Body of Leander’ (1880); ‘Triumphal Progress of Pallas Athene before Elector Ruprect’ (1886), etc.