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OETINGER, ė′tĭng-ĕr, Friedrich Christoph, German theologian: b. Göppingen, Würtemberg, Germany, 1702; d. Murrhardt, Germany, 10 Feb. 1782. He was educated at the University of Tübingen and became reader of theology at the University of Halle. In 1738 he took charge of the parish of Hirschau and gained the leadership of the Pietists in that section. His translation of several of the works of Swedenborg brought upon him ecclesiastical censure, but he was protected by the Duke of Würtemberg and latter was appointed superintendent of the churches in the district of Weinsberg. He subsequently held the same position in Herrenberg and afterward became prelate in Murrhardt. He wrote many theological treatises which have been edited by Ehmann, over 70 in all (1858-63). Among these is ‘Earthly and Heavenly Philosophy,’ which on account of its religious views raised a storm in Germany. Consult monographs by Auberlin (1847), Ehmann (1859) and Wächter (1885).