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REVENTLOW, rā'vĕnt-lō, Ernst, Count, German journalist: b. Husum, 1869. He attained the rank of captain in the German navy and afterward engaged in journalism. He was an ardent supporter of Germany's schemes for world dominion which culminated in the European War, and as an editorial writer on the Deutsche Tageszeitung advocated extreme ruthlessness, particularly in submarine warfare. He accused United States Ambassador Gerard of being a British spy; but assailed Zimmerman for the plot to form an alliance berween Mexico and Japan against the United States. He furiously attacked Germany's leaders for a supposed inclination to yield to the United States' demands for respect of its rights after the sinking of the Lusitania, and the Tageszeitung was suspended 25 June 1915. For an attack on Bethmann-Hollweg, accusing him of misleading von Hindenburg, he was sued for slander in 1916. Author of ‘Russische-Japanische Krieg’ (3 vols. 1904-06); ‘Deutschfand in der Welt voran’ (1905); ‘England der feind’ (1914); ‘Flotte in diesem grossen Kriege’ (1915); ‘Deutschlands auswärtige Politik, 1888-1914’ (1916); ‘The Vampire [England] of the Continent’ (1916), etc.