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ROON, rōn, Albrecht Theodor Emil von, Prussian soldier: b. Pleushagen, 30 April 1803; d. Berlin, 23 Feb. 1879. He entered the army in 1821; was attached to the Topographical Bureau in Berlin, 1833-35; became captain in 1836, and major in 1842; in 1848 became chief of staff of the 8th Army corps at Coblentz, took part in the campaign at Baden of that year; and was promoted lieutenant-general in 1859. In the latter year he was appointed a member of a commission on the reorganization of the army. He had given special attention to this subject for many years, but his proposals which were in effect an extension with modifications of Scharnhorst's system, embracing a universal three years' service and a reserve, were carried only after long opposition. The Austrian War of 1866 demonstrated that value of his system. He attended the German emperor throughout the Franco-Prussian War, and was created a count in 1871. The Ministry of War which he had held since 1859 he resigned in 1871 together with the Ministry of Marine, held since 1861. In 1872 he succeeded Bismarck as president of the Prussian Cabinet and was made field-marshal shortly after; but soon resigned. He was author of several works on geography published between 1832 and 1839.