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SLOAT, slōt, John Drake, American admiral: b. New York, 1780; d. New Brighton, Staten Island, N. Y., 28 Nov. 1867. He was appointed a midshipman in the navy in 1800 but was mustered out in the following year after the passage of the peace establishment act. At the outbreak of the War of 1812 he re-entered the navy as sailing master of the frigate United States, and for gallant conduct in the capture of the British ship Macedonian received a silver medal and the thanks of Congress. He was engaged in the expedition for the suppression of the West Indian pirates in 1823-25, holding chief command after 1824, captured the pirates Palmyra and Colfrecinos and the pirate stronghold Foxhardo in Porto Rico. He was promoted to master-commandant in 1826, captain in 1837 and in 1840-44 was in charge of the Portsmouth navy yard. He commanded the Pacific squadron in 1844-46, had charge of the Norfolk navy yard in 1847-51, and then superintended the construction of the Stevens battery. He was retired in 1861, but received rank as commodore in 1862 and as rear admiral in 1863.