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VARNHAGEN VON ENSE, Rahel (Levin), German author; b. Berlin, 1771; d. 1883. She was well known in literary circles and exercised a notable influence over her husband's literary career. He published a memorial of her, ‘Rahel, ein buch des andenkens fur ihre freunde’ (3 vols., 1834; new ed., 1903), and ‘Galeric von Bildnissen aus Rahels Umgang’ (2 vols., 1836). After his death appeared ‘Briefwechsel Zwischen Rahel und David Veit’ (2 pts., 1861), and ‘Briefwechsel Zwischen Varnhagen von Ense und Rahel’ (6 vols., 1874-75). Consult Key, Ellen, ‘Rahel, eine biographische skizze’ (Berlin 1907).