The Faerie Queene/Book I/Sonnet to Sir Walter Raleigh

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To the Right Noble and Valorous Knight


Lord Wardein of the Stanneryes, and Lieftenaunt of Cornewaile

To thee that art the sommers Nightingale,
  Thy soveraigne Goddesses most deare delight,
  Why doe I send this rustick Madrigale,
  That may thy tunefull eare unseason quite?
Thou onely fit this argument to write
  In whose high thoughts Pleasure hath built her bowre,
  And dainty Love learnd sweetly to endite.
  My rimes I know unsavory and sowre,
To taste the streames, that, like a golden showre,
  Flow from thy fruitfull head, of thy Loves praise;
  Fitter perhaps to thunder martiall stowre,
  When so thee list thy loftie Muse to raise:
Yet, till that thou thy poeme wilt make knowne,
Let thy faire Cinthias praises be thus rudely showne.