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New Series.
Vol. I. No. 3.

Government Notification.

The Contract for publishing this Gazette, entered into on the 24th September, 1853, was terminated on the 30th ultime; and notice is hereby given, that a New Series of this Gazette will be published hereafter, to commence from the 7th instant, under a New Contract, and that


will, as before, be the only Official Organ for Proclamations, Notifications, and Public Papers, of this Government.

By Order,

W. T. Mercer, Colonial Secretary.

Colonial Secretary's Office, Victoria, Hongkong, 2d July, 1855.

Government Notification.

(illegible text) following Return of Notes in Circulation and Specie in Reserve at the Bank of the Oriental Bank Corporation (illegible text) Hongkong, is published for general information.

By Order,

W. T. Mercer,
Colonial Secretary.

Colonial Secretary's Office, Victoria, Hongkong, 16th July, 1855.

(illegible text) of the Average amount of Notes in Circulation of the Bank of the Oriental Bank Corporation in Hongkong for the Month ending 31st May, 1855, rendered in accordance with the Terms of Her Majesty's Royal Charter of Incorporation.

Notes issued.............$116,443.

Exclusive of the Notes of the Oriental Bank still outstanding.

Oriental Bank Corporation, Hongkong, 1st June, 1855.


Sam Gray,

The Books and Treasure of the above Corporation were this day inspected by me, and the Amount exhibited accorded with the (illegible text) the Charter.

R. Rienaecker.
Colonial Treasurer.

(illegible text) the 15th, 1855.

Government Notification.

Diplomatic Department.

His Excellency Her Britannic Majesty's Plenipotentiary and Chief Superintendent of Trade, &c., &c., is hereby (illegible text) to notify, that the Returns of the British trade at the Port of Canton for the Year ending 31st December, 1854, published in the Hongkong Government Gazette of the 5th May last, having been found to be (illegible text) are cancelled, and the following amended Returns are published in their stead for general information.

By Order,

W. Woodgate.

Victoria, Hongkong, 2d July, 1855.

A Return of the Number and Tonnage of Merchant Vessels which Arrived at, and Departed from, the Port of Canton, during the Year ending 31st December, 1854, distinguishing the Countries to which they belong.
Arrived. Departed.
Under what Colours. No. of Ships. Tonnage. Under what Colours. No. of Ships. Tonnage.
(illegible text) 137 68,795 British, 136 69,050
(illegible text) 65 45,690 American, 60 43,137
(illegible text) 5 1,934 Bremen, 5 1,934
(illegible text) 3 1,483 Chilian, 3 1,483
(illegible text) 4 1,753 Chinese, 4 1,753
(illegible text) 11 2,589 Danish, 11 2,661
(illegible text) 23 10,427 Dutch, 23 10,687
(illegible text) 3 866 French, 2 526
(illegible text) 15 3,274 Hamburgh, 15 3,395
(illegible text) 2 328 Mexican, 2 328
(illegible text) 1 672 New Grenada, 1 672
(illegible text) 1 144 Oldenberg, 1 144
(illegible text) 18 6,268 Peruvian 11 3,588
(illegible text) 6 1,925 Portuguese, 5 1,677
(illegible text) 1 650 Prussian, 1 650
(illegible text) 21 6,344 Siamese, 1 1,000
(illegible text) 4 1,015 Spanish, 21 6,120
Swedish, 4 1,015
320 154,157 306 149,711


By the Proctors. Sterling (illegible text)
£ s.
Retaining Fee 0 7
For attending before the Judge or Judge Surrogate, either in Court or Chambers 0 7
On extracting any Warrant, Monition, Commission, Writ, or other Instrument 0 8
Drawing Libel, Plea, Claim, Affidavit, Act on Petition, Interrogatories, Answers, or any other Proceeding whatever, not herein specified, for every folio 0 1
Fair Copying or Engrossing, for every folio 0 0
For Consultation with Counsel, if any such should be found requisite, preparatory to the final Hearing of a Cause, or otherwise; but no such charge to be made in an undefended Case 0 13

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See Section 182 of the Copyright Ordinance (Cap. 528) of the Laws of Hong Kong.

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These do not include works of the Organization of American States, United Nations, or any of the UN specialized agencies. See Compendium III § 313.6(C)(2) and 17 U.S.C. 104(b)(5).

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