The Life and Acts of St. Patrick/Chapter CX

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The Miracle of the Waters is Repeated.

And at another time the aforementioned brothers, for the purpose of visiting Saint Patrick, took their way on foot over the sands of the sea-shore. And as they walked along, communing on the way together, behold, the flowing-in of the tide surrounded them, and, preventing all escape, smote them with the fear of death. Then the saint, instructed of heaven, saw their peril, and, showing it unto his disciples, professed that he grieved for them. Then, having prayed, he commanded the tide of the sea, by the powerful virtue of his word, speaking in the name of the Lord God, that it should instantly retire, and leave unto his sons who were about to visit him a safe and quiet passage. And forthwith the sea obeyed the voice of the man of God, and retired; and this company of brothers, rejoicing and lauding God, came unto Saint Patrick, and, for so great a miracle, turned the hearts of all which heard them unto the praise of the God who worked such wonders in His saints.