The Life and Acts of St. Patrick/Chapter CXLVIII

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The Life and Acts of St. Patrick by Jocelin of Furness, translated by Edmund L. Swift
Chapter CXLVIII: A Goat bleateth in the Stomach of a Thief

A Goat bleateth in the Stomach of a Thief.

The blessed Patrick had a goat, which carried water for his service; and to this the animal was taught, not by any artifice but rather by a miracle. And a certain thief stole the goat, and eat, and swallowed it. And the author or instigator of the theft is enquired: and one who by evident tokens had incurred suspicion, is accused; but not only denieth he the fact, but adding perjury unto theft, endeavoreth he to acquit himself by an oath. Wondrous was the event to be told, yet more wonderful to come to pass. The goat which was swallowed in the stomach of the thief bleated loudly forth, and proclaimed the merit of Saint Patrick. And to the increase of this miracle it happened, that at the command, nay rather at the sentence of the Saint, all the posterity of this man were marked with the beard of a goat.