The Life and Acts of St. Patrick/Chapter CXXXIX

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A Heavenly Light shineth around Saint Patrick, and Victor is converted unto the Faith.

And Saint Patrick coming into the territory of Mogharnd, went toward the town of Domnhach Maghin, over which a man named Victor ruled. And he hearing of the saint's arrival, yet loving darkness rather than light, concealed himself in the shades of a thick grove, for much he feared, lest being driven from the darkness of his unbelief, he should though unwilling be compelled to believe in the true light. But the shadows of the night season came on, nor yet did Patrick the son of light therefore delay his journey. And when the curtain of deep night had covered all things with surrounding darkness, it darkened not the course of Patrick, who was the precursor of light; for unto him the night was as day, and the deep shadows were as brightness. And the light piercing through the darkness poured around the man concealing himself, nor could he longer hide from before the face of the light. Then Victor by so signal a sign being vanquished, and being even as bound with the chains of the fear of the Lord, came unto Saint Patrick, and devoutly entreated and received from him the holy baptism. And being with all his household and all his people baptized, he gave unto the saint his inheritance for the erection of a church, and among his disciples he abided. And after a while he increased in holiness and in the knowledge of the divine law, and being at length consecrated by Saint Patrick, he received in that church the episcopal degree, and for his virtues and his merits was he very renowned.